Export receipts

(craiglockwood) #1

I sent this request via the app earlier today but thought I would add it here as a central repository.

Having the ability to filter (by month/quarter etc.) receipts which can be emailed to my accountant would be awesome. Maybe by category too such as expenses. Maybe even a send to Xero/sage option.

So much potential - very excited about my banking future!

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(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Brilliant idea, thanks!!!

I can’t wait to start building this kind of feature, the whole export (or even IFTTT) has enormous potential. It’s your data and we need to give you meaningful ways to export it or share it with other systems at your will.

I’m sure in the next hackathon we’ll see projects along those lines :slight_smile:

(Saveen) #3

Great idea by @craiglockwood.

What’s on the roadmap for the receipts feature?

  • Currently a photo can be added as is - will editing become possible? i.e. convert to b&w, crop out just the receipt etc.

  • How about extra long receipts? Perhaps a pan & stitch feature could be useful.

  • OCR / data export?

(tom) #4

Yes! I’m a big supporter of this feature.

I built a prototype at our last hackathon and I’ll try to get it ready to share with people by the end of this weekend.

Basically, at the end of every month the tool will export any transaction tagged “expenses”, download any attached receipts and email them all to your address, so you can forward on to your finance team. “MVP” :wink:

OCR and integrations with Expensify, Sage etc is definitely something we want to explore.

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OCR of receipts
(Saveen) #5

@Tom Sounds awesome! :smile:

OCR - Pre-processing & machine learning are the key challenges. Worth playing with Open Source Tesseract.

Get it right and it will be a huge win all round.

(samdickie) #6

Evernote does a great job of scanning receipts and turning them B&W and allowing you to tag that particular expense. Something similar to that would be fantastic!

(tom_leigh) #7

Much needed in my view too!

(Nick Jackson) #8

Bit late to the party, but another big :+1:t3: to being able to quickly bundle a set of transactions/receipts off to Expensify.

(Giles Davis) #9

Newish user here using Monzo for business expenses. Receipt integration would be fab. I’ll keep using Expensify as well for now

(Alex Sherwood) #10

Here’s the prototype that Tom mentioned (just spotted this yesterday) -

Expense Reporting by @iNeil and @t_blom

This tool takes all transactions tagged #expenses, and produces a monthly expenses report to send to your company’s finance department. It will even let you take photos of your receipts and attach them to transactions. Down the road, we’ll look to support integrations with popular expense reporting software.

Perfect for anyone who travels with work or has to entertain clients—no more manual expense submissions!

Details from this blog post.