Monzo receipts anyone? ;)

As everyone was posting their shiny Monzo DIY projects I thought I’d show off my 2 hour “I’m bored” project :stuck_out_tongue:

Not massively exciting I know but quite useful! It runs 3 times a day (ish) printing news, weather and my Monzo balance on a Epson receipt printer. Not sure how environmentally friendly it is however…

Will clean up code later and put on GitHub if anyone is interested. I also will have to build some kind of oAuth support (at the moment it’s using the key generated in the API playground).

I didn’t display any transaction data because it’s another web request and uses more paper but you could theoretically have a constant paper feed of your transactions (using the webhook)…if that’s your thing.


Maybe not massively exciting, but definitely massively cool :+1::cool:

Fancy working together to show balance on one of these?

I’m almost tempted to buy it just to have a play around with it. I wonder if I can buy it to test my code and then return it. :joy:

Amazon is probably your best bet for that

Does anyone have an unit already? Happy to have a try at this in my free time if someone could lend me access to their unit (API keys or credentials).