Most wanted Fintech functionality?

I can’t wait for the day when we eradicate all paper receipts. Every transaction made creates a digital receipt wherever you are in the world and attaches it to the digital transaction on your account

This will make my day/year/life!

I usually scan in receipts to my Monzo/Starling and was using Zoho expenses but got lazy now. Novelty wears off. Just all too time-consuming.
Come on fintech! Maybe Flux is the start of something but just scratching the service of the possibilities.


Something build into Monzo app itself for expenses and receipts would be great.

Flux is awesome, and think there is more opportunity for development of it. Only problem is no VAT receipt for it at the minute, which is what most need for expenses! Let’s hope there is more to come from it.


The receipt thing. Curve has made this particularly simple enabling attachment of images - camera or library - to a transaction. Neat. :grin:


Yes I have curve. very useful. but still I am sure we all want this automated one day with digital receipts. :slight_smile:

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I was having issues using the integrated camera on Monzo, kept asking me to use my fingerprint to log in and went in circles. Epic fail Monzo.
Had to use my camera adding it to the gallery and then upload it.

Yonny24. I hear ya. I’m working on a system right now to allow all merchants to send us receipts that we’ll then match to the correct transaction.

If any of you lovely community members work for merchants that would like to send us receipts, my email is



This sounds great!

Awesome! Can’t wait.
Does this include international chains while travelling also?

@simon This is brilliant and will be a great improvement and means I don’t have all these dam little receipts in my glove box and all over the place, or someone puts a hot drink on them or leaves them in the window and they fade.

Hopefully for self employed and businesses there will include the vat too, but a great idea if you can get all the merchants to get onboard and connected.

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Hi Mark :wave: I’m Sam and I work at Flux. Regarding VAT, we currently have it on some receipts and not others - but that’s because the retailer doesn’t actually store the data. If a retailer’s paper receipt prints with VAT, then the Flux digital receipt will have it too :slight_smile:

KFC receipts don’t currently have VAT, but we’re hoping that’ll change in the future as they update their internal systems.

If you’ve got any questions about this please give me a shout, I’ll do my best to help :slight_smile:


Hi Samantha,

That makes sense, the only retailer I have used so far is KFC so that’s why I’ve not noticed it on others!

I have receipts with VAT on for KFC though, so is it that they aren’t passing you the VAT details?

I’m not on the tech side, but my understanding is that KFC’s VAT is calculated per item which makes storing/transmitting that data through to us difficult. I’ve heard this will be changing in the future (though don’t take my word for it!) :speak_no_evil:


Ahh okay that makes sense, sounds good!

Iftt integration that’s not bad :joy::sweat_smile:

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