Email Receipts in Monzo

That does make sense, although I’ve just ordered 2 separate items from Amazon. One was FBA and one was direct - both emails arrived before the transaction in Monzo.

@Sherlock As you expand, I’d imagine you’ll find more scenarios where this happens? A possible solution could be to parse the email for the data, and then store it for say 60 minutes. You could then poll the Monzo API every 5 minutes to look for a matching transaction.

Throw up a processing tab on the Account page, and gives users the option to delete the data for processing if required?

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Maybe retry Amazon transactions automatically after X amount of time if they fail and no failed notification the first time.

Appreciate all of the ideas, rest assured this discussion has already taken place on Slack with my testers earlier in the process. On a big list of priorities to fix.


I need a way to get my amazon receipt (details on items puchased) into the Monzo transaction note section automatically. I am not sure I understand if this service would be able to do that?

But still i’d be interested to test it and be part of your Slack channel…

Hey :wave: Support for Amazon was one of the first things we wanted to do - and we’ve had great success since it was introduced :slightly_smiling_face: It doesn’t add it to the “note section” but does add it a receipt to the transaction which can be obtained my tapping into the transaction. (See screenshots within the thread)

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Hi James. This looks amazing. I’d love to take part if possible. Thanks. Paul

Feel free to DM me!

Quick question; I’ve had great success with a number of receipts. The service is excellent.

I was curious; should I just forward all receipts (even though I know they will fail), do you get a list of these to add to your backlog of suppliers to create support to automatically, or should I post those failures here (or somewhere else) so you know about them?



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I would encourage you not to send all of your receipts through - I pay based on the amount of emails coming in, not the amount of receipts which actually get saved.

I’m still going through a backlog of merchant requests (I have about 100) which I’m prioritising based on my perceived opinion on their size and usefulness.

If you have any failures, I can help resolve them via DM.


Thanks. good to know.

Edit: is the backlog list public anywhere?

Google Sheet link has been shared a few times in the thread, but for your convenience:

thanks again. my bad, should have searched :flushed:

Thanks James, that certainly sounds like a solution to my problem, receipts should be more than enough to link a payment transaction to the actual items I purchased when reviewing my spending.

How can I get access to the tool?

My DMs is currently the way to go!

Have had no luck with any uber receipts this weekend @Sherlock are you winding this down?

I know you mentioned fails costing so thought id check with you before disabling

Definitely not winding down in the slightest, if you have specific issues though feel free to DM the details and I can look into fixing it.

I get charged for each email sent in, not based on success/failure (I just try my best to have all emails succeed!)

Reason updates have been slow and not a tonne of comms is I’m super busy with work at the moment - general election and all! :grimacing:


Just looked into Uber actually, turns out they changed their emails and now return next to no information :man_facepalming: I’ve updated it though so should at least work again…

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Where’s the Update, James?

First off I wanted to apologise for the lack of updates – the project is still ongoing, more users have been whitelisted and continue to get on board, and a couple bug fixes are still being released.

I intentionally wanted to leave the platform for a month or so in order to see how stable it is when I’m not constantly poking it and actually we continued to have good usage and very few problems.

That month has gone on longer than expected but for one reason or another I’ve not been able to get on with the big improvements I want to make!


I have now whitelisted 100 users, with 94 users following up with the invite. These users have racked up a total of 2,400 receipts!

In order to get on the whitelist feel free to head to the website: - read the FAQs and ask any questions you want! If you go to the login page there’s a “Join Waitlist” button at the bottom which will take an email (used to inform you of being accepted) and your URL which is used to whitelist you (There were very few ways of doing this… this has worked easily for most people though!)

Whitelisting is a slow process (lots of manual steps!) but I will get through them as quickly as possible!


While I haven’t been pushing updates, I’ve responded (I hope!) to every email and DM whether that’s on Twitter, this forum, or either of the two community Slack workspaces.

It’s much harder to respond to threads and posts on here as a lot of the issues are very specific to the user - and I require certain bits of information to help you out easily.


As mentioned on the “roadmap” further above, and plenty of comments shared on Slack - I’ve got loads of ideas. I’m still just working out what the best route is forward given my desire to scale up beyond this whitelist restriction.

I don’t know how to do that with the least amount of investment (I’m not currently fond of spending my house deposit on this :joy:) - soon as I have a plan I’ll be sure to share it!


As a final note I would just love to say a huge thanks to everybody who has helped out. Whether it’s with donations (this stuff isn’t free), ideas, testing, emails, or just moral support!

We have people who are very technical and people who (at their own assessment) are not. We have people who work for Monzo, and people who don’t work. I initially built this project for me, but it’s so exciting to see nearly 100 people using it.


I’ve also just whitelisted another 15 people - everybody on the waitlist has been accepted :+1:

If anybody has issues logging in then DM me and I can help you get setup.

Here’s to getting 100 active users :muscle:

edit:// Worth noting that the first time you login, you must use the URL sent to you via email (has a c=# on the end) - this will generate your account. Future logins can just be done by going to the /login page!


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