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So I went ahead and asked ChatGPT for instructions on how to do this. This needs a bit of human intervention to get it to work (and probably a few follow on prompts) but my mind continues to be blown :exploding_head:

If anyone’s interested, I’ll create a separate topic for ChatGPT suggested Monzo integrations!

I think this is the advanced class, but I’m going to try out generating receipts for transactions from Google Sheets when I get a free day.


How amazing is that. I only understand about 10% of it but sounds helpful. Is it? R-


So I’m by no means an expert, but it looks like the basics are there. I’d need to follow it up with a ton of prompts to get things working properly. The big issue is, I think, that there’s no proper matching of the Monzo transaction and the file in Paperless. But I think that can be fixed. @bee is the expert though!

When I get time I’m gonna try to use ChatGPT to help me effectively turn Google sheets into a front end so I can manually enter receipt transactions to Monzo. It won’t be fancy or auto-match anything but it would be a nice start.

Of course, it might all be beyond my technical capability. Or ChatGPT might just be hallucinating. So success tbc!


Stunning response from AI there. Stunning.


Imagine if Monzo integrated with ChatGPT and you could directly interrogate your Monzo account? :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

We’re not prepared for what’s coming, are we?

It’s that linking of AI to personal services that is both amazing and dangerous. It’ll see off automation platforms too, like IFTTT

Not sure how enthusiastic the banking sector will be about handing over access to AI at this stage. Possible biometrics needed on the device used to instigate an AI link to a service each time?

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For a read only service, I don’t see any danger over and above the issues associated with AGI / SGI. Writing to transactions (e.g. editing notes) might need additional authentication. Sending money, not for now, I’d say.

The bigger issue here is what happens to Monzo? If AI leads to a text / voice interface that can dynamically create all the transaction feeds and Trends type graphs you want on the fly, then do you really need the app?

But before we write off Monzo shares before they’ve even IPOed, could its API actually end up being the thing that makes it the bank of the AI age?

Hey folks :wave: Creator of Unfurler, and lover of digital receipts here.

Honestly it’s so disheartening the sentiment here because I had every intention to keep on maintaining Unfurler. Unfortunately Monzo don’t really have anybody maintaining or pushing forward their developer API - it continues to fail in many places where once it worked.

As it stands right now, I physically cannot add authentication clients to my account. I don’t know whether Monzo has shadow banned me or whether there’s an underlying bug is the system which prevents my account from having them (be it because I have Monzo Business, or Monzo Plus, or some other issue). If I can’t add clients, I can’t add users, which means projects die.

Monzo also added (for regulatory reasons) a lot more overhead to authentication. I updated Unfurler to support it, but there continued to be bugs within Monzo’s apps which prevented the user from being prompted to update their authentication token (this has to happen every 90 days). There’s no way for me to prompt it so gradually users just became unauthenticated with no way for me to tell them (I don’t store email addresses or other contactable identifiers, etc).

This was another one of my projects where we created a system where anybody could register small JavaScript scripts with access to a lightweight data payload. There was a marketplace around it to folks could share their scripts (with full visibility) and many more ideas.

There was also ‘Morezo’ which was intended to be a much more more advanced application (available on desktop and web) to control your Monzo account. It too would have more powerful automations, with bigger visualisations.

All of this could be done… if Monzo invested in their API like they did at the start. I get that it doesn’t make any financial sense for them to put effort into it - but it was that community feeling at the beginning which made me fall in love with Monzo.

So let me end with a tldr - I would love to continue maintaining Unfurler (I had huge plans for a V3 where folks could contribute), and many other projects built on top of Monzo’s API - but if they can’t or won’t address the fundamental blockers then it leaves me in the difficult position of letting the servers die.


No. Neither are we prepared for the ethics of AI. Watch it become hugely dangerous, just like Facebook’s limitless ability to feed people disinformation.

Having just read Stolen Focus, quite frankly social media (or at least the current model of Surveillance Capitalism under which it currently works) should be outlawed for the good of humanity.


Thanks for jumping in, good to hear where it’s at even though it’s disappointing news. I’ll keep my fingers crossed something changes Monzo’s side and the API becomes worth supporting. Sounds like we’d have had some amazing features from your work by now had they of done :smirk:




When paperless-ngx OCR’s the receipt it should add a date/time (hopefully), you can use that to match up with a monzo transaction :slight_smile:

You could probably get monzo bank statement data (i believe you can export as a CSV), give it to chaptGPT and ask it to summarise your month?

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