Receipt images not reliably stored

Issue: Receipt images go missing after user thinks they have been uploaded

Details to reproduce: Make a payment and immediately take a photo of your receipt. Come back after a period and you often find the receipt has bot been saved. Seems to happen when not connected to WIFI more often.I often discard my receipt after uploading so this issue has caused me out a few times meaning I have no receipt evidence for expenses.
OS: 16.4.1 (a)
Device: iPhone SE
App Version: 5.24.0 #909

Screenshots:. Todo - I’ll try to replicate over next week.

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Hi @david_ruddock & welcome :wave:

This could be a connection issue. The receipt images you take aren’t stored in your Monzo account - they are actually uploaded to Amazon Web Services and the app then pulls the images from there.

If you download an available statement in .csv format, there is a column called ‘Receipt’ which shows a URL against a transaction where a receipt image was uploaded. For example - here’s a quick trip I made to a Spar back in 2018 - the URL was copied from the .csv statement download:

Possibly re-opening the old security argument about accessing anyone’s receipts, which realistically is more difficult than you’d think.


I know that place! I’m from Ribchester originally.

Also I can’t believe they charged you £5.99 just to enter barefoot!


Nice place! - used to take the kids to Ribchester park when they were younger, great spot.

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Thanks David. Yes - I was aware of cloud storage & I’m suspect a connection issue. However, I’d have thought the app should indicate whether upload is still in progress, has failed & will retry, or has given up.