Unable to download receipt images

I’ve tried to download my receipt images from within the Android app, but there appears to be no way to download then. I’ve had to screenshot the image in order to get a copy, but obviously this isn’t ideal.

I found a thread advising of an almost invisible button on the screen, but on mine there is definitely no button to do anything other than remove image, or go back.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Phone: OnePlus6
Android version: 9
Monzo version: 3.13.0 (which oddly looks very different to the version on my partners Pixel 2!?!)

Hi Toby & welcome :wave:

Download your chosen statement(s) as .csv
In that file is a ‘receipt’ column with a link to the receipt image stored on AWS - click on the link to get the receipt image.

How would this work on iOS ?

Are the AWS links public? Are the links only generated if one exports a CSV?

Tap the receipt, and use the share button.

I think the receipt share/export button is an iOS only feature.



That’s bad from a privacy & security perspective…


Thread -> Download receipts

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That’s is true

No it isn’t

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Yes it is…

It would not be possible for someone to brute force one of these URLs as they contain over 100 bits of entropy (this even excludes any entropy in the user ID or the UUID which comes from the client).

Seems fine to me

I was replying to @James2DB who was asking how to do it on iOS.

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That is like saying oh well the front door is locked so my house is fine, but the back door is wide open.

The front door is not the issue.

He was that is true I asked about iOS thanks for getting back @Anarchist

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on both ‘accounts’


How can you access specific receipts?

That’s a terrible analogy and makes no sense in this situation.

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Its more like saying oh well the front door is locked so my house is fine, but the back door is wide open. Oh and also my house is on mars and it is impossible for anyone else to get there.


And also there’s absolutely nothing in my house that anyone wants.