Don't forget my receipt photo if you lose internet

If I add a receipt photo to a transaction in iOS app, it grabs the photo from camera / library and tries to upload it. Often / sometimes I lose my connection before the upload completes - and then I have to realise, find the receipt photo in library etc etc

Can you simply remember the image name and store it against the txn temporarily- if upload succeeds great, if not please retry or nag me to confirm - but don’t forget which photo I choose please


This is definitely a problem, and notes entered when offline also get lost (which is even more of a problem, as they’re not stored somewhere else they can be retrieved from, like photos). It’s been mentioned in this thread, but unfortunately no response from Monzo, so not sure if it’s registered as a bug they will fix. :ant: :frowning_face:

Also, I think when I had the problem described in my response on that thread :arrow_up:, I lost the photo as if taken it directly in Monzo instead of choosing one from the photo library.

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