No way to copy just account number in clipboard

I’m using the new home screen and I cannot find in this screen where I can copy account number in clipboard and paste it somewhere else. Same for the sort code. This would have come handy for me to paste my account detail and sort code where they are two different textbox (e.g. while making transfers using Truelayer)

Unless it’s hidden somewhere that’s not obvious, this is very basic feature, which I believe was present in old home screen layout.

On the card, press the three dots, then manage account.

You can then copy individually.

You can also long press on the account card to see the option to copy either account number or sort code :egg:


This doesn’t seem to work for me on iOS? (Latest iOS, latest TestFlight.) Long-press from card stack opens account page & long-press here just dims the card. Love the idea in principle though!

Oops…jumped the gun. Coming very soon :see_no_evil:


Oooh, we have the new @Dan5