Anyone signed up for Raylo?

They want to be the ‘Netflix of iPhones’. An interesting concept:

  • Pay fixed monthly fee for the phone (you keep your SIM)
  • They send you the latest iPhone with case and screen protector
  • It’s fully insured for the 24 months
  • Send the phone back after 24 months and get the latest one sent to you

They’re launching in September so will be interesting to see how this differs from the Apple Upgrade Program.

Anyway, I’ve signed up so if you want a referral code:


This seems a good idea. However I think I’ll wait to see what the iPhone 11 [or whatever it’s called] gets in reviews. I’ve joined to the wait list though [#5831]. R-

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Interesting concept for sure but im not sure why you would use this over Apple upgrade program.

Apples is only £41.45 a month with a yearly upgrade with AppleCare+ at 0% APR.


Interesting - I was sure it was more than that, but I have just had a look and you are right. Not sure I want to be locked into having a new phone every year though. Especially this year as the new phones are supposed to be slightly [?] underwhelming. R-

You’re not locked into anything with IUP, it’s a voluntary upgrade after 11 months. You can just pay it off completely after 24 months if you want.

But yeah, maybe i’m missing something but this seems like it doesn’t add anything of value over IUP?
With IUP, you actually own your phone after 24 months and can sell it. With this you have to send it back to them.

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Seems like a solution that’s not needed?

What is it specially that they offer over Apple? Couldn’t see it from looking at their website?

From reading the site I think it’s an alternative to the IUP rather than a competitor.

All their features are a comparison to network pricing so the benefit is set against having a high monthly cost with a network.

Plus you don’t get a case with the IUP :rofl:

Looking at the pricing again and for the iPhone Xs, Raylo charge £43.99p/m but Apple are charging £56.45p/m, so there is quite a saving with Raylo.

Main difference now is the time between upgrading - the higher cost with Apple gets you a new phone every 12 months whereas Raylo replace it every 24.


Another main difference is the insurance piece, where Raylo provide cover against Loss and Theft, unlike Apple Care+ which only covers against accidental damage. Insurance has often been overlooked in the mobile space but we’ve made a point to make the experience much better. For the sake of transparency I am part of the team here at Raylo. Happy to answer any other questions. Thanks


So is this setup the same way as AUP - you get an interest free loan or is it just monthly payments like a subscription?

It’s more like a subscription. We’ve done it differently because we believe in keeping things simple. No bank loans and no heavy paperwork!


Do you perform a credit check?

By the time you’ve got a SIM surely that is similar to the cost from a network provider? It seems like a slightly more complex way of going SIM only.

Yes we do. It’s the responsible thing to do for ourselves and our customers, we need to KYC our customers and check that they can make the monthly payments.


We are in fact cheaper than the networks, as much as £898 over 24 months, but admit that price comparisons with networks is not straightforward because they have so many price combination offers. Far too confusing and needs simplification.
Here’s our price comparison vs the networks; https://www.raylo.com/#pricing We’ve picked the best deals direct from their websites, with £50 or less upfront, their optional insurance and at least 10GB data. As our phones come SIM-free, we’ve included the cost of a similar SIM-only deal to help you compare. All prices as at 10th July 2019.


Well, interestingly there is no mention from any of the Raylo Community members of having received their phones - if indeed anyone ordered one. They should have started shipping yesterday. Anyone on here gone the Raylo route? R-

Hi Roger,

We have been delivering iPhones and taking on many happy customers, just check out our recent TrustPilot reviews; https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/raylo.com

We see a huge benefit in Communities, evidenced perfectly here on the Monzo community, and is one of our long term goals.

We have been spending a large part of our time speaking directly to our customers and taking feedback which has already informed changes in our offering. Our pricing for the new iPhone 11 Pro starts at £42.99 P/M (zero upfront cost) with full insurance and premium accessories (Plant based phone case and screen protectors) included.



Thanks, I have just posted a response to you on the Raylo forum. Good to hear that it is going well. R-

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share our latest news. We have just announced the UK’s lowest monthly price for iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max! :raised_hands:t3:

New subscription pricing of £36.99/month for the iPhone 11 Pro, £0 upfront and we’ve de-coupled the insurance.

We listened to our community and understood that for some customers , it’s more important to get the lowest possible price for their phone and then get their own insurance elsewhere or be comfortable without cover.

Oh and this isn’t a black Friday deal, just our normal low pricing going forward. :+1:t3:

Check out our new website here; https://www.raylo.com/

All feedback welcome!


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I received my Raylo phone today and am loving it. Cheapest monthly price I could find to get my hands on the iPhone 11. Love it.