I’m in contract with a network but will strongly consider Raylo when it expires


Raylo concept is like buying a car on PCP. You make low monthly payments for a fixed months duration say for example 24 to 36 months. At the end of the contract, you return the car undamage. You will not own the car. To own the car you will then have to pay the ballon fee for the market value at the time of returning the car or you take a new car and continue making Payment and return it after end of contract for another without ever owning it. Sometimes it is better to won something you’ve been using than merely just renting it

The experience is very similar to getting a car on PCP, however I’d argue that in the case of products like smartphones, what’s important is the access to the service it provides, not the product itself. Therefore owning your smartphone is outdated.

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Glad to hear it @louis-F and hope the experience has continued to be great. We have expanded our customer base in the past few months and are glad to be seeing such strong customer feedback.

@danverbs let us know if you have any questions for us Dan.

Hello people of Monzo. Most of you probably have not heard of us - we are Raylo, a new challenger phone provider. We launched late last year with the aim of offering consumers more transparency and simplicity when it comes to mobile while addressing key pain points - drawers full of phones, crap customer service, expensive accessories etc etc

To do this we created a subscription model for mobile which offers:

  • Lower monthly prices
  • Great phones that work with any network sim card
  • Phones that get two lives instead of one
  • Excellent customer service

You’re all familiar with challenger banks - that’s what we want to do for mobile - cut costs, keep it simple, with a focus on making the whole process more eco friendly, so it’s a pretty mammoth task…

It’s been an interesting start for us, as one of only a few challenger phone brands in the UK we are seeing a mix of both confusion around what we do, as well as super positive feedback on our service (89% of our customer base have recommended us friends and we have a 4.9 score on Trustpilot). The main positive feedback we receive is around price and customer service.

We are posting this as we would genuinely love to hear what you guys; 1) think of what we currently have to offer, do you ‘get it’? 2) might want to see from a challenger phone brand… flexibility of term, better prices, fewer options etc?

There are a couple of other businesses doing something similar to what we do - mobile.club and Grover… but they focus on second hand devices.

Our mission is to bring sustainability, transparency and exceptional customer service to mobile.


I read your post, and skimmed the home page of your website. But it just looks like you are a company who leases phones? Am I missing something? I don’t see why you are classing yourself as a ‘new challenger phone provider’ ?

why are you trying to advertise you’re company on the Monzo community ! this should not be allowed @tom


Fair call Rob, but I guess what makes any business a challenger?

We are currently offering something the high street operators don’t - transparency in what you are buying into, a new kind of model being the subscription / lease as well as a closed loop / circular model.

Genuinely not the point of this thread James. I’ve been a Monzo user since the Beta and thought what we are doing would be of interest to people on this forum, thats all.


For a startup, your Trustpilot page looks suspicious. Three five star reviews a few hours before you posted on here, with none for a few days before that. Coupled with a severe lack of 2, 3 and 4 star reviews.

I just don’t think you should be trying to use the Monzo community platform to advertise you’re company - its not going to look good for you’re business - my advice would be to take it down and rethink you’re strategy

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Honestly, and super critically, I don’t like the concept.

At best, it’s just a super expensive lease, at worst, it seems a little misleading in it’s pricing structures.

First off, the comparison with first comparison that loads, with Three isn’t comparing like to like - unlimited vs 12gb.

Secondly the pricing to Keep the Phone is tucked away in a support page - but this isn’t factored into the Comparison page - and that’s an extra £282 to buy the phone.

On the three comparison, for example - your site compares Three Unlimited Contract, with a 12GB. If you use a 12GB plan with the phone, Three comes out £6 more expensive, when you factor buying the phone.

And if you add in this sneaky little line in your terms:


And a minimum term of 12 months, isn’t really Free to Cancel at any time. Edit: Wait - 12 ADDITIONAL payments?!

I don’t like this very much at all.

Final thought: If you really want that brand new phone, you’re better off getting a 0% Purchases credit card and paying that back monthly. Works out cheaper.


Is it that hard to believe our customers are happy with the service? We work really hard to get people their orders fast.

Someone’s not going to be happy when you take his hashtag.

If you see a post that you think breaks the rules then flag it.

It’s a lot more reliable than tagging the CEO


Prices don’t look bad for someone who upgrades to the new model every year, especially with the damage, loss and theft insurance.

The way I read that is after 12 payments once your contract ends the phone is yours. Admittedly I didn’t look at the website yet, so can’t be sure

Edit: just took a look. iPhone 11 64GB is £25.99 + £196.99 to pay off to own after 24 months. That works out as £820

Apple does 24 months interest free, so you end up paying a little more at £29.99 a month but then you own the phone. I don’t know why anyone would go for this. Even if you upgrade yearly, you have the iUP

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Probably worth merging with the thread last year.

What makes this more sustainable?

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