Quicker/simpler access to “customer service chat”


I am new to Monzo but did use it for a while when it was Mondo but that was years and years ago now.

I have since used Barclays, HSBC and Starling for general banking and Zopa and Chip for savings.

All of the banking apps - as most do nowadays - offer in-app customer service chat and Monzo is obviously no exception.

To initiate a chat, you simply navigate to the contact section of the app and start a chat.

However, with Monzo it’s not immediately possible. I’ve found that I have to go into Help and then search for “contacting us” and then I am presented with a page where there is a link to click on to initiate a chat session.

It’s not particularly quick and simple and I think it would be better if it was easier to get to.


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This is how it’s designed. Monzo don’t want it to be quick and easy to get to the support, they want you to self solve.


Fair enough

Only it’s not really fair to customers, is it?


Well I guess if their model is for customers to find out for themselves then that’s the way it is.

Me, I would prefer to speak to someone easily.

There are ways…