Questions about my Monzo card delivery time

Is there a way for me to track my new card delivery? I ordered my card on April 1st and it’s now April 9th. App only tells me that it should arrive between 8-12 April. Getting kinda nervous. Will I get some kind of notification when my card is shipped?


You can’t track it, it’s sent via normal post. It’s probably lost as they as usually arrive next day.

You’ll have to wait until after 12th and then it will let you order a replacement.

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Your letterbox will rattle to tell you it has been delivered.


I am also waiting for a new card. Monzo has blocked my account. Transaction I didn’t make or authorise. Where are the cards coming from that it takes 7 days or more ?

It’s not where they come from, it will be production time + processing + postage.

The latter has lots of delays due to the pandemic as you’re likely well aware.

It’s Royal Mail. Sometimes things happen and things aren’t delivered as swiftly as they could be.

When was it ordered?

If it was between last Friday and Monday then Tuesday would have been the first day (coz Easter)

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That isn’t actually very long at all. If you ordered late in the day on Thursday your card likely wouldn’t have been printed until Tuesday 6th because of the bank holidays.
The earliest it would have entered the postal system is the 6/7th meaning the only days it could have been delivered so far are the 7th or 8th April and possibly today if your post has arrived already.

I’d say give it a few more days. Nothing to worry about just yet :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! This is really helpful :grin:

I ordered New Card early Tuesday 6th

It will give you an ETA in app.

Expecting delivery in 2 days given the situation is very optimistic.

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Cancelled plus on Friday and ordered the replacement card. Card came Wednesday, all depends on what the backlog is at your end of Royal Mail.