Question about Apple 🍏 Pay

Hi guys. Question about Apple Pay.

I’ve only just started to use it as for ages I was using an iPhone 5c which has no biometric functionality at all . ( Yes I know I know ) lol.

Just wondered what the spend limit is.

Presumably the contactless limit ???

I realise I’m acting thick here but please humour me lol. :scream:

Limit for a single transaction is set by the merchant. It’s more often than not unlimited though. There is no cumulative limit as it’s using biometrics.

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Thank you :+1:

And I think the one notable retailer that does have an exception is Tesco. I can’t recall if there limit is £45 (same as contactless) or higher - but certainly low enough you could spend over it on a Big Shop

Edit: There’s talk that this may have changed in 2018, not super sure!

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Thanks Guys for the replies :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Local Asda is still £30.

Supermarkets seem really slow to adopt technloogy…

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Tesco is £250 for Apple Pay now, so not unlimited but much better than before - I have never spent that much in Tesco! Not sure if it was a swift roll out, or if they are still rolling that out.