Put a small bell icon next to a ‘recurring subscription’ which you can act as a 24 hour reminder

Hi all,

I’ve just set up a subscription which I plan to cancel a day before it’s due next.
Some services make you lose all access on the day that you cancel rather than giving you access until the month is up. Highly frustrating but I guess they hope you forget, right?!?

I usually set up a calendar invite to remind me, but as an extra level of security, it would be good if I can tap a bell icon on the subscription and I can be sent a push notification warning me that the subscription is nearly up.

Yes, I’m aware it lists on the statement 24hours before that it’s coming out (IIRC), but I don’t open the Monzo app every day.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Virtual card with a delete date?

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I’m not a plus bor premium customer, I guess having this feature could reduce the benefit of having that and be harmful to Monzo?

What you’ve described is one of the use cases they give for virtual cards.

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It won’t do that for a card transaction - Monzo don’t know when card transactions will be taken. It is a use case for a self-desctruting virtual card, or, as you already do, a reminder. Hey Siri, remind me to cancel my RSPCA subscription in 29 days.

ETA - if it is a push notification you would like, your calendar could that too?

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Since Monzo has a recurring payments tab and the user is able to manually input a subscription payment’s frequency in the app then Monzo knows exactly when it’s next due (as long as what the user inputted was accurate), so a simple notification reminder based on the next due date according to the billing frequency specified by the user would be pretty handy (and very simple to implement), I think.

Unless the subscription is due every six months.

To answer the OP, I’d trust my phone to remind me more than I’d trust Monzo to remind me. My phone is where I go for all of my reminders, so making Monzo into another Reminders app isn’t the best use of their time, in my view.


I’ve never had a card subscription that is charged every 6 months, but I suppose it would be nice if instead of having to choose from ‘Every Day,’ ‘Every Week,’ ‘Monthly’ etc you could instead input Every X [Days/Weeks/Months/Years].


Interesting comments, thanks all.

When it comes to reminding me about subscriptions, the more reminders the better for me lol!

In terms of Monzos time, I thought this was just for ideas and I would assume it would go into a priority list. I’m not planning on scheduling the company around me :).

Best to have them all written down, you think?


You can, in android you can anyway…

I think having the option to set a reminder at the same time is a good idea.

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To the first part, you’re right, that’s what it is. You put forward your idea, and others get to chime in with their opinion. If Monzo like it enough, they might set aside some time to implement it - though it’s very rare.

As for Monzo scheduling their efforts around what you you want; don’t worry too much - they won’t. :wink:

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Sadly not iOS…