Renewal Reminders πŸ“†

Hey :wave: not sure if it’s been discussed already, but I thought that having a way to be notified when you are nearing a renewal date would be quite useful.

Motor insurance for younger drivers is typically taken out over installments due to the cost being so excessive, and more often than not you change providers each year to help keep costs down. A way to flag a renewal date for a recurring payment would be a nice prompt for the user to check to make sure they are getting the best price.

It could even plug into a marketplace too so that Monzo could notify a panel of brokers that this customer is coming close to renewal to help them find the best deal? This could work quite well with energy providers too.

Loving the work you guys are putting into the app :+1:


Another possible good use of this would be for remembering to cancel 30 days in advance of a contract end date.

I find this quite tricky to do sometimes at present with year long broadband contracts etc and find myself having to pay an extra month because I havent given enough notice.


The ability to schedule Direct Debits for deletion would be useful too (and also help people with this problem).


A great idea! Including a reminder to review subscriptions and to shop around! I regulary spend time jumping energy suppler and its well worth the time. Trouble is I cant always remember when my renewal date is.

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I like these kind of things. Entering the end date of a contract (say a gym) would be awesome. Also a tool to enter when credit cards should be finished (based on you entering the amount on the card and the APR) could be really helpful.

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This is a great idea. I use a service called ONEDOX at the moment which also collects your bills and documents for you.

Maybe Monzo can integrate with them.



Sometimes you get fobbed off and told you can’t cancel yet (Sky…) so end up taking the extra month anyway :frowning:

Yes this is a brilliant idea. I usually make a note on my phone when something needs to be renewed from the contract so I can haggle come the time!

Great idea. A reminder a lil just over 30 days in advance would be a good idea like Nathan said.

They were planning to, but have just cancelled it, apparently :man_shrugging:

Brolly integration would be ideal.

Sad that… maybe Monzo could poach someone from Onedox and make them design an in house monzo version :eyes:

Part of the email from OneDox around the Monzo integration:

As someone who initially signed up for the Onedox + Monzo beta, I wanted to reach out to you with a final update on its status.

As you may have assumed in the absence of progress and communication, the project to incorporate Onedox into the Monzo mobile app has unfortunately not developed beyond a limited beta trial. Whilst Monzo have made significant developments to their API offerings (including IFTTT), our use case is not supported at scale :frowning:️

We had high hopes for a fun and useful collaboration where your bills from Onedox nestled beside Monzo transactions within your Monzo app, but unfortunately this does not appear viable in the short term.

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