Pumpkin 🎃

Just withdrew a tenner (I know, I know, it is supposed to be a cashless world) and the notification had an emoji of a pumpkin.

Love the detail on Monzo’s part :grinning:

Happy Halloween!


It is a nice touch, but I personally would prefer to not have any remarks to religious/cultural/national days coming from my bank. No Halloween, no Divali, no Christmas, no New Year, no national days. While I probably wouldn’t do anything more than a ‘shrug’, it’s very difficult to pick the right ones and not alienate customers.

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Alright spoil sport :roll_eyes:

I personally like it :slight_smile:


Yeah I like it too. I think sometimes we tip toe through life trying not to offend anyone - but Halloween is Halloween and Christmas is Christmas regardless of whether you partake in it or not. We are surrounded by these festivals and assaulted daily by adverts playing on them. It would be a little odd to ignore them, and a shame to remove these little bits of fun for fear of offending.



Living in a city like London I’m exposed to so many holidays, many of which I don’t celebrate. It’s nice.

I wouldn’t wander around on a Saturday night telling people to stop having parties just because I wasn’t going to them all. Live and let live. Enjoy, celebrate and have a bit of light fun.


I didn’t see it!!!

Seems like the big banks do…we live in a PC enough world. Got to have some things to celebrate! I think its a nice touch from Monzo.


I think it’s a nice touch. It also shows attention to the smaller details, and as long as it is used sparingly these touches shouldn’t offend.


How does the celebration of a holiday offend anyone? I have no issue with anyone celebrating their religious or cultural days, whether or not I’m a subscriber or not to that religion (I’m not) or culture.

If we want a bank to be more corporate then fair enough, say that.


I have not said it would offend me :thinking: . I simply said I would prefer that my bank would remain indifferent and ignore all that. I also have no issue when people celebrate important days for them, why would it bother me? I simply would prefer to not see Christmas tree emoji, heart icons for Valentine’s Day or pumpkin, woman’s day, man’s day, child’s day. There’s a day for literally everything.

I ask this question everyday when I hear that it’s no longer Merry Christmas but Happy Holidays etc etc.


Fair point. Someone else mentioned “offend”, not you.

Haha! That’s amazing, happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:
See the simple things like putting a pumpkin on a notification, is funky! Along with our hot coral cards :credit_card: we have style :wave:

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this excited me so much i screenshotted and am showing people :joy: The M looks a tiny bit like a bat…



I’m going to have to spend something on my card today now! :smiley:

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Me too :slight_smile: and i tweeted it show how good it was :slight_smile:

There’s an analogy with Google Doodles here. If you do them all the time you actually have an opportunity to educate rather than alienate.


Yeah, but since Google already does it (and really well), I don’t expect my bank to duplicate efforts. I go to google to check out this stuff, but not to my bank. And let’s be honest, emoji can’t really educate you all that much. :wink:

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Maybe you’ll see this as a farcical example but:

If only one group of people campaigned for civil rights, equal rights for women, LGBT etc. society wouldn’t change and become more accepting, kind and loving (which to be honest is what needs to happen).

So, with Monzo embracing different cultures/traditions - whatever - they are helping educate (maybe in a small way) people