Unfortunate fail

(Only available in amateur ) #1

So just went to the shop and the transaction came up on my phone with a little holiday themed icon. I know Jesus came back from the dead at Easter but is a ghost really appropriate?

Made my day though :joy_cat:

I’ve informed chat btw

(Peter Roberts) #2

Could this be to be to do with April fools day? I’m not sure I see a way though… :thinking:

(Only available in amateur ) #3

Doubt it, religious sensibilities and all.

Just a run of the mill mistake. Chat are passing it on to the relevant team


At least someone has a sense of humour…

(Hugh Wells) #5

Disagree :wink: this is April’s fools as far as I know

(Only available in amateur ) #6

Really? I’m as atheist as it’s possible to be but to have a ghost symbol on a holiday for the resurrection of Jesus? That will piss off a lot of hardliner Christians. I’m in Northern Ireland so I know that practically everything annoys them

(Jack) #7

Wouldn’t the bunny emoji have been more appropriate? :rabbit:
I’m not religious at all, but I got confused as to why it was a ghost haha
I can see why some religious people may make the link but I reckon most people won’t

(Only available in amateur ) #9

It’s about respect. I’d be annoyed if it was deliberately insensitive to other religions. I disagree with it but no need to take the piss out of anyone’s belief. Was funny when I thought it was accidental

(Stephen Spencer) #10

I’m super atheist but this feels mistakenly disrespectful if it’s always a ghost? Wouldn’t a jester :black_joker: be more appropriate if you’re doing April Fools? But given as April Fools and Easter Sunday fall on the same day, I’d say some kind of bunny, egg, bleeding hand with nail through it or moving rock door emoji would trump a foolish one?

(Only available in amateur ) #11

Perhaps not a bleeding hand…

(Jack) #12

What does a ghost have to do with April Fools anyway?

(Only available in amateur ) #13

I’m guessing it was a resurrection joke now after what was said


…particularly as I think a blood red hand is a symbol on a Northern Ireland flag :wink:

(Jack) #15

Right ok, I was thinking it was just a coincidence and referred to something else

(Only available in amateur ) #16

I’d like to know if this was accidental or an incredibly ill judged April fools joke. I know London isn’t that religious but not all the country is London, different values and identities exist in different regions


Holey spirit :doughnut:

(Hugh Wells) #18

Just to clarify, the emoji is a reference to April Fools (ie. The 1st of April) and has no reference or intended meaning beyond that

(Only available in amateur ) #19

Ok but I don’t think it was properly thought through. It might be April fools but it’s also Easter Sunday. I had to navigate my way through the crowds leaving church to get to the shop


A ghost rather than a Joker is a bit disconnected with April Fools. Hopefully this faux pas will not be rehashed next year.


It could be Passover and as a joke about something else you may humourously post a pig emoji. You need to always think twice before posting funny things in case they back fire. I am not particularly religious, but think a shroud like emoji at Easter has come across (all be it unintentionally) a bit tacky and offensive.