Pride Icons alongside Transactions

For anyone who hasn’t spotted it yet, the latest celebration icon is a rainbow for Pride! I was happy to see it this morning. :blush::rainbow_flag:

Thanks for showing support to the LGBT+ community as always, Monzo! :monzopride:


I wonder how the folks who had an issue with the star and crescent icon recently will feel about this. It certainly brightened up the first transaction of the day


Uber is doing it too!


I love this! Taking the rainbow route! :rainbow:

Guess I don’t need to go to the other place to see the reactions then


Pride is about promoting equality and acceptance. I don’t see how your choice of emojis would do that

Edit: although I hate the term acceptance. Society needs get over it and treat everyone equally already


You clearly do have something against it, hence posting how you dislike it


People who only want to see things which align with their beliefs and tastes make society a miserable place.

People who vocalise that view make it a dangerous place.


Personally I think that Pride at the moment is missing the point entirely. There are some many issues within the LGBTQ+ community that are swept under the rug at the moment.
A friend of mine is working for an LGBTQ+ domestic abuse charity.
He also sent me a link to a book that very much opened my eyes to some of the issues:

(I highly recommend the book)
Best cover in the world to read on the train :rofl:
But I think on the subject as a whole. I think its good that Monzo is LGBTQ 365 days a year rather than the token SJW companies that are just Prideful for Pride Month and then disappear back into their ways.
I would also like to know what Monzo is doing in real terms to support and empower the community

I’m up for Monzo permanently having a rainbow emoji. Would reduce the amount of melts.

I’m assuming those who flagged this are threatened by a rainbow?


I’m far more cynical than that.

The commercialisation and monetisation of pride is getting worse year on year. My Facebook feed is packed with brands trying to get their share of the pink pound and it saddens me.

I miss going to Manchester pride and it not being a gated, ticketed event.

I’m looking forward to the day when pride truly becomes irrelevant and a thing of the past because equality and acceptance is complete.


The implication that the problems faced by LGBT people can be exposed in a book about sex is pretty patronising, gay people are not defined by sex. Pride isn’t about presenting LGBT+ people as perfect beings without flaws or problems or challenges, LGBT+ people should be allowed to celebrate their liberation and freedom without a chorus of negativity about the problems they share with other population groups.

Yes, domestic abuse is an issue, but pride is pride, pride isn’t a celebration of gay supremacy, it’s a celebration of gay liberation.


Frankly you don’t actually need a ticket. Access to the streets is free, no matter how many gates and guards they put in place, and Manchester Pride have been illegally preventing access for many years. Getting served at the bars without a wristband is difficult but not impossible.

I wish I could like this more than once.


To coin a phrase:

Some notifications are queer. Get over it.


This escalated quickly…

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Evergreen post.


…and herein lies the problem.

Are you being purposefully vague? What is the “problem” you’ve identified?

I am not upsetero though :slight_smile:

If putting rainbows beside each transaction notification annoys just the right sort of people then I am all for it