Pulse on Android 1.21.0

Great to see that Pulse has come to Android but we seem to have lost the side menu with settings etc.
I’m using OnePlus 3T with Android 8.0.0 Screenshot_20180209-200823

Monzo have done away with the hamburger menu from what I’ve seen elsewhere. Settings can be found in the Account tab.


@HoddzDJ Yes it’s clearly missing but not replaced elsewhere. Key features have disappeared. Needs a fix.

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As @HoddzDJ said, we’ve moved it to under Account - at the top :slight_smile:

This was to indeed make room for Pulse as it didn’t really work with a hamburger :hamburger:

What do you think is missing? Settings has moved to Account and Help has moved to the bottom menu.

Ah thanks. Found them in a greyed icon where you don’t expect. Not well designed and the change should be highlighted.

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Really think that @monzo should have made this clearer. Not all obvious and should be easier to spot.

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I’m pretty confident when the app is released, the release notes wil point this out.

Spot the settings. Adding money is far more prominent.

Needs a similarly clear route. 1 Billion customers won’t necessarily spot this.

the gear icon is a universal settings symbol. Might be that I have always used that way to access settings.


@ninepine you might wanna hide your personal details… Account number etc…

It wasn’t (change was made in 1.20)
But I’ve only seen a couple ask about it?

Thanks but why should I hide my sort code and account number? Happy for
people to pay me. I’m never liable for unauthorised charges to my account.
Your sort code and account number are public domain info.:grinning:


Pulse is broken for me. I can’t scroll to the first day of any month :laughing:

I don’t think they are a ‘public domain’ info. Someone can probably do few searches and find more details about you to link most things and have your profile. They can then go on to apply stuff on your name it’s really not that complicated.

One obvious thing anyone can try to do is setup a Direct Debit on your account quite easily.


Actually the 1st of Jan this year is missing from my feed. Wonder if that’s why?

Whilst you are right that you are not liable for fraudulent transactions to your account, the disruption to it because people can apply for products your bank details to sites which do not require a signature. Jeremy Clarkson found this out when he published his bank account details to prove there was nothing to worry about doing it and back tracked.

In the end its your account.


…because people always read the release notes :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with the settings are, apart from it being in a nonobvious place, is it’s visually greyed out, in a place you wouldn’t normally put a button or expect one.

Monzo painted themselves into a corner by removing the hamburger menu… nowhere to put things like that - so it all gets dumped haphazardly into accounts.


You should always read Monzo release notes. Always expertly crafted.


Talking of pulse, is there any way to turn it off? I don’t find it useful and it’s taking up screen space that could be used for transactions.

From a usability point of view I’m a fan of burger menus, removing it has really confused my mum who used to go there to get her account details. I’ve had several phone calls asking where they have gone to, she can’t get used to pressing account. Heaven knows what how she will react when she sees the pulse. :scream::fearful::scream_cat:


This update makes scrolling back a few weeks so much easier!