Pulse Graph / Deprecated Feature list?

I’m a new (weeks not months) user of Monzo. I’m on iOS and I’m wondering about Pulse Graph.

I’m loving this forum as a way to discover and learn more about the app and the features and things in the pipeline.

However, because this community forum has been running for a couple of years, it can be tricky to figure out when things that are being discussed are no longer available.

Pulse Graphs being a good example. Have they been removed? Or have I just not found them on the app yet? There are a lot of references to them but I’ve not seen it in my app.

If they have been removed, is there a list I can see so I know what I can ignore?

No big deal really, just curious, and as (hopefully) more newbies like me come on board, this kind of thing might become more prevalent.

I believe that the Pulse graph only appears after you’ve been using the account for some time.

Keep using Monzo and you will see it in all its glory.



Which then begs the question, where is that documented? (sorry, I can’t help myself!)

I’m not sure it is documented! This is the post we usually refer to… [Q&A] Ask us about Pulse! [Sorry, not sure how to add a quote directly!]


Aces, thanks for that (I searched for “Pulse Graph” so why didn’t I find that Q&A! :roll_eyes:)

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Sometimes the search filters on this forum dont work that great for really old threads ive noticed as well

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