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I woke up this morning and the Monzo UI has changed and my phone did not download an update. I now have a horizontal scrolling section that shows my spend in a line graph. I think it’s a pretty cool feature but wondered how the UI can change in that way.

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Don’t get attached to it, it’ll be gone soon :joy:

It sounds like you are talking about the pulse, which appears after 3 months (I think), of you opening your account?

Would that fit right with you?



Think it’s around 2 months which the pulse graph activates.

Thankfully it won’t be around for much longer!


It’s this section marked in Red. I quite like the feature. It’s white on the joint account and navy on my account. I did probably open the account about 2 months ago.

Yeah, that’s the pulse.

Everyone loves it, and we all wanted to keep it, but @anon72173902 didn’t like it, so Monzo got rid of it for everyone…

Until you are moved over to the new UI, you’ll still have it. But once you are moved, the graph is gone forever.

Jokes aside… Very few people seemed to find it useful - The honeymoon period for you will soon wear off! :joy:


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Sounds like I need to up my complaining game… #PulseIsDead

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