Public Transparent Bug List

As a lover of Monzo, I’m always keen to help out where I can and if I happen to stumble across a bug I like to report it via the chat.

What would be great though is if there was a publicly available bug list, showing known bugs that I could check first before reporting. If it mentioned the user who first raised it that would be quite nice too.

I’m not talking about bugs that could jeopardise security of the app here, just mainly cosmetic and UX type bugs


This is a really good point. We do actually have an internal list of bugs we check against when a customer reports an issue - I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem to share that.

My only concern would be keeping that updated, but now we have more staff doing forum stuff (@simonb :sunglasses:) that hopefully shouldn’t be an issue!


I was thinking something similar when reporting things the otherday. A public issue tracker would be most transparent… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like this idea. Another Trello board may work and also integrate with the Monzo’s bug tracking software/list. I can imagine that most things could be visible, except security issues.


I would also love to see some sot of transparent bugs list. I reported a bug a few months back where after sending a bank transfer the UI goes a but funny and reported it in app, several versions later the bug still remains. I’m not sure if Monzo thinks they have resolved the bug and it is no longer an issue or are just generally trying to fix it still. Normally Monzo are really quick to fix bugs!

Hey all,

I really like the idea of making it easier for those with issues to understand if we’re already aware of issues, or if a fix is on its way.

However, as much as we try and squash all the bugs we find, as the apps get more complex, and the company and customer-base grows, the number of issues will do so too - there are times where a bug can’t be fixed for a while due to other issues being more important, or because we don’t have enough information to diagnose the bug and fix it.

Especially due to the nature of bugs, it’s also tough to know which issues are duplicates or related at a glance, which might make it tricky for a customer to even work out if what they experienced is already on the ‘bugboard’ or not.

Keeping an up to date, publicly understandable version of current bugs would likely become a bit of an admin nightmare, and cost more to manage than it would be to talk to our support team and get a more informed answer.

However, one thing we are trying - which we might be able to learn something from in order to help with this problem, is making it easier to find out what we’re working on regarding features, from within the Monzo app itself. For instance, if you find a bug related to the Spending tab, but can see we’re in the process of completely re-writing it, maybe it’ll help to know things will be changing soon anyway. You should see our first tests around this in your app soon.

Hope this helps, and doesn’t read as too much of a dampener!



Imo you absolutely should keep a public tracker of customer facing bugs / known issues. “There might be too many bugs” isn’t a valid answer - infact it indicates a problem with your development process if you’re intentionally taking on so much tech debt you can’t track it!

I’ve experienced a couple cases where the COps didn’t really know what I was asking about and I felt they tried to give me an answer for something other than what I was asking. A bit like a reverse version of the stack overflow XY problem

In all of these cases so far when I’ve pushed and said ‘can you ask an engineer or someone more familiar with this’ the query has got answered eventually

I’ve also had many occasions where the COps have been extremely well informed and had an amazing experience, even when it is unfortunate dealing with a serious issue that’s causing me problems :slightly_smiling_face:. Just wanted to add this is for balance

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