Development Catalog/Pipeline

I would like to see a proper catalog of new/changing features, bugs and suggestions that’s regularly maintained. There is a list of bugs within About the Bug Reports category and the Trello Roadmap gives details of features that are in development but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere that someone can see the items that have been suggested already and the view that Monzo has on them without scrolling through this category and even then there isn’t nessecarily feedback from a member on Monzo staff on each thread.

If it were to be created/shared then it would make sense to keep bugs and the trello items in the same place so you could get a snapshot of what the team have as a pipeline of work and should also help prevent some duplicated threads/discussions in the community. I also think that this fits with the transparent culture Monzo aspire to.

If this exists already then sorry and can I please have a link? :smiley:


Doesn’t exist yet, but I suggested something similar not long ago. Apparently a new (non-Trello) public roadmap thingy is being considered.

I totally think this is something we should try get back into doing as a transparancy thing. Previously, keeping it up to date with realistic timelines was a bit of a mess so we tried something a little different with the recent big list series of blog posts. I personally feel that trying to provide timescales beyond about 3 months in such a fast moving company doesn’t work in practice but certainly, bucketing them into “in labs/recently released”, “working on now”, and “next” could work!

I think it would have to be owned by the marketing and community team nowadays due to the sheer number of different engineering teams we have nowadays. I’ve heard some rumblings from that team that they’re certainly thinking about bringing it back as its own thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love to see this from a transparency perspective. I’m not too concerned about deadlines or them being missed, it happens and Monzo is a growing company. General buckets as you suggested seems more than reasonable enough.


I don’t really think it would need to have dates as long as it was ordered or in loose buckets like on trello.