✅ The "Report Bugs" button leads me to a non-existent article

From the help page shown in the screenshot, if I press on the button, the app redirects me to https://community.monzo.com/c/bugs?article_id=card-app-report-bug page, which doesn’t exist.

Probably not relevant, but just in case: Android 10, Monzo 3.32.0.

The irony of a bug in the bug reporting system.

Can confirm, not sure what the article used to be but at least it comes to the forum. Upvoted.

Thanks so much for flagging this @kasiditi! I’ve passed this onto the team who work on the help articles to let them know, so this should get corrected to the right forum link soon :pray:

Update: this has now been fixed :rocket:


Not fixed here. Pressing the button in the iOS app takes me to a page that says: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

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Interestingly it seems half fixed.

The link in the text works, the big blue button link is still incorrect


Ahh! Sorry about that :see_no_evil:

I’ve just double checked now and the links on this help article are now fully functioning - thanks for checking @paulcooper @Addzy :smile:

Still wrong for me, will it take time to update for everyone?

Hmm it may take some time to push through but if you force close your Monzo app completely and re-open it, this should force it to update the article straight away :slight_smile:

Uninstalled and reinstalled and still wrong, probably just taking a while to come through