It would be nice to have some sort of bugs.monzo.com website where all identified bugs are placed (with links to the relevant community post) and ticked off when fixed - similar to how The Big List was done.

I think this feature would be in keeping with Monzo’s general (excellent) views on transparency and encourage more people to report bugs, which should hopefully lead to a better product in the long run.

I imagine something similar is already implemented internally by Monzo to track known bugs?


FThere is a thread which Monzo are meant to maintain with but reports and their status but requires manual updating. I assume a similar thing would be needed for any sort of website :confused:

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I was more thinking along the lines of Monzo staff also using bugs.monzo.com to internally track bugs too:

  • If a member of Monzo staff discovers a bug (or a bug is reported) that they couldn’t fix immediately, they’d be required to add it to bugs.monzo.com. Along with all the necessary info to reproduce the bugs + notes about what might be causing it etc…

  • When a fix for a bug is applied, the member of Monzo staff who applied the fix would have to go to bugs.monzo.com, mark the bug as fixed and include the version of the Monzo app which they expect it to be shipped too.

  • Coral Crew and/or community managers could occasionally check bugs.monzo.com and lock threads for fixed bugs on the community forum.

I think the lack of updating the “About the Bug Reports category” list is similar to what happened with the Trello board before it was turned into Making Monzo.

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Something like Jira would work a charm. I don’t think discourse is the place for bug tracking since things get lost, and some things aren’t seen. As the Monzo community grows I hope they consider making it separate.

At least this way the COps can manage discourse, and the devs can manage Jira.

Makes a lot of sense to me.



Monzo use jira but doubt they’d ever expose it for public access. Not sure how easy it would be for them to make certain tickets public while ensuring security compliance


This would be great! I doubt it’d ever happen though as others have said about security and custom sensitive information.

I dream of the day Apple opens up http://radar.apple.com to see what bugs they’ve secretly identified but keep a secret :eyes:


Microsoft develop Visual Studio Code and its C++ plugin in different ways

Both use publicly available and accessible GitHub issues, but only the former has its code there (as C++ borrows in-house code) - I was able to raise issues and converse with Microsoft staff which was nice

So there is a model of this sort of thing

I asked several times on Starling forum about use of a public bug tracker for suggestions

We know how well that went down

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I guess there could be a check box for making the ticket public, then any security information could be avoided. It’s stuff like the bugs reported in the Bugs section of the community forum.

I imagine any bugs with security implications would be fixed as a matter of urgency anyway and so wouldn’t make it onto the bug tracker anyway.

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I’d like better feedback on here for the bugs identified - it seems like they are noted by the community then (usually) nothing happens. :frowning:

But, although I’m all for transparency, I think a public bug tracker is counterproductive. Unless Monzo open sources its code it will probably not mean anything to the causal viewer - and potentially opens up avenues for exploit.


The issue tracker I mentioned above for the closed source C++ plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio Code:

Lots of issues, lots of discussion, nothing “lost”, no code

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Right. So where do you report bugs now?

Here :grinning:


Or UndocumentedFeatures.monzo.com if bugs.monzo.com sounds a little un-nerving.