Request: Public Mondo Bug Tracker

Hey Mondo Folk!

I’d be really interested to see a public bug tracker for all the raised issues in each platform (mobile, web, api etc). Whilst i love the chat feature in the app (who doesn’t?!, Leah is so nice). Im unable to transparently see my issues/bugs raised, along with other issues people have raised before and after me.

It would be awesome to +1 an already raised issue to show that i and others are experiencing it. Providing screenshots and steps to reproduce the issue. Track the issue through to resolution etc. You should be making us work for the Alpha/Beta :wink:

Then if a thread in the community forum could be linked to a raised issue, and be visible to people viewing the thread. They would be less likely to submit repeat issues etc

There are plenty of open source bug trackers (mantis would be my suggestion) that could offer the above and lots more.

Just my two cents. +1 if you agree :slight_smile:



There is a basic version of this here: Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞 but guess you have already seen! I’ve generally found there not to be that many bugs/the ones I see are already under discussion in the forum but could be interesting.