About the Bug Reports category

(Simon B) #1

We get a lot of individual feedback from people about UI/UX bugs. Whilst this is great, it is really difficult to collate and sometimes we don’t have all the information we need to reproduce or fix a bug :sweat_smile:

Please create a thread with your bug in this category :raised_hands:

Rules of engagement!

  1. Check the list of already reported bugs below :point_down:
  2. If your bug is listed, click on the link and use the like button to upvote
  3. If your bug isn’t listed create a new thread with:
  • A brief (sentence) description of the bug
  • A screenshot
  • Details on how to reproduce
  • OS, device and app version

We’ll then collate all of these and pass them back to see if we can get them fixed. There is no guarantee the bug will be fixed any time soon (it may be one that only affects a very small subset of customers) but we’ll do our best :raised_hands:

Reported Bugs

iOS App Slowdown & Lag
Add new contact status bar colour error
Development Catalog/Pipeline
(Liam W) #2

Can you specify a post template in Discourse? It might be easier for you if bug reports follow the same pattern.

Edit: Yes, you can (quick google says they’re called Topic Templates). Not sure how though, I’ve never administered Discourse.

(Simon B) #3


(Change Works) #4

Hmm. It’s that a lot of bugs for a bank?

(Richard Bairwell) #5

Is it though? We haven’t really got anything to compare it to - no other bank I know of has a public bug list (or community forum - bar Revolut). Monzo’s app does a lot more than my Nationwide App does and I’ve found a few bugs in the latter and they haven’t really added anything new for a couple of years: whereas Monzo didn’t really exist a couple of years ago!

Most the bugs are ‘minorish/UI ish’ and from what I can tell non of them actually affect ‘money/core banking stuff’ (i.e. no money is missing etc) so if you think of it as a ‘bug list for a mobile app’, it’s reasonably short.

(Change Works) #6

Sorry. I just realised my typo. Should read ‘Is that a lot of bugs for a bank?’

It was a genuine question. It seems s lot to me. As you say, they are pretty minor though.

(Change Works) #7

I use the Nationwide app quite a lot and haven’t noticed any bugs (but I haven’t noticed any on the Monzo app either).

(Jack) #9

@HughWells , Are these bug reports still being logged? A few have been added to the bugs report category recently but it appears some have been skipped or missed when adding to the above list?

EDIT: I remember you’ve been on holiday :see_no_evil:

(Hugh Wells) #10

Don’t worry, I’m looking at them :wink: