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We get a lot of individual feedback from people about UI/UX bugs. Whilst this is great, it is really difficult to collate and sometimes we don’t have all the information we need to reproduce or fix a bug :sweat_smile:

Please create a thread with your bug in this category :raised_hands:

Rules of engagement!

  1. Check the list of already reported bugs below :point_down:
  2. If your bug is listed, click on the link and use the like button to upvote
  3. If your bug isn’t listed create a new thread with:
  • A brief (sentence) description of the bug
  • A screenshot
  • Details on how to reproduce
  • OS, device and app version

We’ll then collate all of these and pass them back to see if we can get them fixed. There is no guarantee the bug will be fixed any time soon (it may be one that only affects a very small subset of customers) but we’ll do our best :raised_hands:


Can you specify a post template in Discourse? It might be easier for you if bug reports follow the same pattern.

Edit: Yes, you can (quick google says they’re called Topic Templates). Not sure how though, I’ve never administered Discourse.



Hmm. It’s that a lot of bugs for a bank?

Is it though? We haven’t really got anything to compare it to - no other bank I know of has a public bug list (or community forum - bar Revolut). Monzo’s app does a lot more than my Nationwide App does and I’ve found a few bugs in the latter and they haven’t really added anything new for a couple of years: whereas Monzo didn’t really exist a couple of years ago!

Most the bugs are ‘minorish/UI ish’ and from what I can tell non of them actually affect ‘money/core banking stuff’ (i.e. no money is missing etc) so if you think of it as a ‘bug list for a mobile app’, it’s reasonably short.


Sorry. I just realised my typo. Should read ‘Is that a lot of bugs for a bank?’

It was a genuine question. It seems s lot to me. As you say, they are pretty minor though.

I use the Nationwide app quite a lot and haven’t noticed any bugs (but I haven’t noticed any on the Monzo app either).

@HughWells , Are these bug reports still being logged? A few have been added to the bugs report category recently but it appears some have been skipped or missed when adding to the above list?

EDIT: I remember you’ve been on holiday :see_no_evil:


Don’t worry, I’m looking at them :wink:


Perhaps having a way of reporting bugs within the app would ease the pain. Testing the latest hive app, I’m able to shake the phone and which then scows a screen to enter the bug details and upload any screen shots / video. Also you should be able to better collage the os which is being used to submit the report?

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Hi there, I’ve checked the list and this doesn’t seem to be there. I’ve got an issue with Shared Tabs on Android. I’m using a OnePlus 6T with Android version 9.0.11 and Monzo version 2.30.0.

The issue is when you edit the amount owed by someone on the Shared Tab. When you press a digit to enter a value the up and down arrows flash blue and the cursor is moved to the end of the value. This means to enter “£24.57” one has to press 2, backspace x3, 4, backspace x2, 5, backspace, 7. I hope this clear enough and you understand why getting a screenshot of this would be difficult.

FYI, we’ve just added voting to the Bug Reports category. Please vote on issues you see that you’re also having. We can use this to help prioritise what we’re working on.


:iphone: iOS: Monzo 2.54.1

:man_shrugging:t2: I’ve had a look but can’t find a related thread for this bug, but I was under the impression we could use emojis in payment references? I’ve gone to do so and I’m not able to.

:no_entry: Also, I’ve categorised some of my scheduled monthly payments as ‘expenses’, however from the Schedule page, when I click on the relevant merchant it’s listed as ‘general’ and I’m unable to change it (back to expenses).

:+1:t2: Thanks for all the work you guys do!

got an odd bug to report - where is the app version number located? (I have been reverted back to the old app UX 'cos I got a business account)

Hey, I’ve been having an issue with going on the app… before I blocked my pin and it wouldn’t let me change it or anything, it just kept asking to enter the pin. Then later on I deleted& downloaded the app again and every time I try writing a pin in, the app crashes? Help? I’m also on a iPhone 7 and had no issues with it crashing before

There have been a few Monzo-side issues today which have now been resolved - and may be related to your recent experience;


Thanks, I’ve already solved the issue by logging onto another device and unblocked my account

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I have a direct debit that is taken each month. its only take 10 months of the year so when it was not due to be taken i toggled off the repeating payment button. However i now cant toggle it back on as the whole subscriptions bit of the page disappears so the toggle is missing.

all other scheduled payments have a subscription bit of the page with the ability to set it to repeating except this one, i 3xpected a toggle button to allow you to turn it off and on, not turn it off and then the option just disappears.