Monzo X London Pride 2018 🌈

(Angus) #1

Hey everyone :wave:

Way back in January, a group of us here at Monzo decided we’d like to go to London Pride this year and we’ve been organising it ever since!

We’re really excited that we’ll be able to bring along 10 members of the community to walk the parade with us!* It’s on Saturday 7th July in London (meeting place/time tbc) :tada:

We’ll pick names randomly on 7th June (in a week) so if you’d like to come please comment below by Wednesday 6th June with your favourite jelly bean, and why! :rainbow:

*(We’re classified as a walking group but we can accommodate different mobility requirements - if you get selected just let us know what you may need!)

Community Roundup - 8/6/18

Have an amazing pride, im not going to london pride, but if youre ever in the manchester pride parade will be there to at least wave ha

Sadly I dont like any Jelly Beans (beeswax and im one of the ‘pesky’ vegans!)

Have a great time all of you !!! :rainbow_flag::rainbow: :rainbow_flag::rainbow: :rainbow_flag::rainbow: :rainbow_flag::rainbow:



(Cameron Chalmers) #4

Birthday Cake has to be the best flavour by far, it’s tasty and it’s by far the best looking of all the Jelly Beans :rainbow:

Also I am free then :wink:

(Tim Chambers) #5

That’s fantastic. :heart_eyes: I’d love to join but unfortunately I can’t make it as I’m working. My fave: Very Cherry :cherries: I hope you guys have a brilliant day. :raised_hands:t3::rainbow_flag:

(Liam H) #6

Thanks very much all, can’t wait to spend time with everyone!

We did the same for Tough Mudder recently and it was so much fun! :muscle: :monzopride:

Also can confirm @tmchmbrs - Very Cherry for the win :eyes:

(Christopher) #7

Such a bummer I missed the Tough Mudder, and now this. Have an awesome time! :rainbow::rotating_light::boom::heart:

(Angus) #8

Liam you’re already coming… you don’t need to comment your favourite flavour! :wink:


We have had Marmite cheese and Marmite crisps, how about Marmite Jelly Beans! After all they have both Soy Sauce and Wasabi flavour KitKats in Japan!


I hope everyone has to wear hot coral from head to foot :grin:

(Caspar Aremi) #11

I’m busy doing other stuff at the event but I’ll look out for the Monzo group!

(Allie) #12

This is a moral dilemma for me since I used to love Jelly Belly cotton candy but since I learned that Jelly Belly is led by an extremely transphobic person using his money to hurt transgender kids, the money I once spent on them makes me feel sick. Most other jelly beans just aren’t very good though. I’ll say cherry since it’s hard to get cherry wrong.

(Excited about Christmas) #13

Aren’t The Jelly Bean Factory just as good?

(Allie) #14

LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: that’s funny! (And Discourse apparently now checks for complete sentences…).

(Excited about Christmas) #15

Ha ha - well I’ve never been a huge fan anyway. My favourite jelly bean moment was when I sent my nephew a box of Bean-Boozled and he downed them in one without realising.

(Christopher Tilley ) #16

I pretty much like anything with a high sugar content; I was a humming bird in a previous life. :grin:

(Jonathon) #17

I’m already marching in the parade but Monzo sounds fun! :rainbow_flag:


For anyone interested in attending the Pride parade further details and a route map will appear near the date at

(Liam W) #20

Put me down as a maybe… I’ve applied for a weekend job, but progress is slow :slight_smile:

As per Jelly Bean… I don’t like jelly beans :frowning:

(Dave) #21

Would love to go but sadly my Monzo balance isn’t good enough to allow an impromtu trip to London! Good luck to everyone going though.

And I can’t pick, I normally eat a handful at once!