Provide button within in-app help articles to open in browser

When using Monzo in-app help I find it awkward that the help is in the same app that I want help on. I’d rather it were in a separate window so that I could easily switch back and forth between the help and the thing I need help on. With this in mind, can I suggest you add a button/link within in-app help articles to enable us to open the article in a browser window. Whilst this wouldn’t help when using in-app chat (I assume that can’t be offloaded to a browser window) it would at least be helpful when using help articles.

I know most help articles are available in an organised structure on the help webpage, so I could potentially go straight to the help webpage instead of first looking at in-app help. However, this webpage doesn’t have a search tool like there is in the app. So a related suggestion is to add a search tool to the help webpage.


Never thought about this :joy:

I generally take a screen shot to do the above, but a very welcome change!

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