Helping Every Customer: Behind the scenes of the updated Help tab!

Product Manager @bruno shares an insight into the updates we recently made to the Help tab in your app!

Have a read to learn about all the research we did and the rationale behind the changes. And what else we have planned for the future!


Just wanted to feedback that the “suggested for you” doesn’t really seem super personalised for me. Out of four suggestions, I’m being offered three which feel irrelevant, as my interaction with the app would imply they could be negated.

“I want to use Coin Jar” - I’m already using a coin jar.
“What is a golden ticket” - I’ve previously sent golden tickets.
“I forgot my pin” - I’ve used this feature before.

Perhaps you could feed in feature usage to determine suggested items better, or if you already do where relevance is low, show less than four suggestions.


I get those three as well.

I’ve set up a Coin Jar, and deleted it
I’ve never sent a Golden Ticket.
I’ve never forgotten my PIN (although I did mis-type it once, but Monzo wouldn’t Know that, surely?)

I also get “Am I eligible for an overdraft?” No, I’m not - I already asked.
And “How do I move my salary?” Which makes sense - I don’t have a regular payment sent to Monzo, and I can see why they might like to nudge me towards that.

I don’t know how many questions there are, but I agree with @Chrisfoulston that these don’t seem all that personalised.

I can see why some are there, but the Coin Jar and Overdraft questions certainly aren’t ‘smart.’


I’m intrigued to see that the live chat is still running off Intercom ( - it seems quite expensive per agent, and you’re relying on a third party - are there any moves to change this to an in house technology?

Also what are the data protection regulations of a US-based third-party like Intercom have access to these conversations?


I am not sure if @bruno had time to check these new help sections. Quite a few of these help questions have non-working buttons, bad copy/paste answers, unfinished replies, and search weirdly brings some same questions whatever you search…

Same as other same above personalised suggestions are just not personalised to me.

Some example below -

Here is done or it’s not. Trello Board says it’s done.


These big buttons don’t go to any page;


Random :wave:


COop script pasted here;


I want to see an image….’ shows up way too often;



A few more things:

  • There’s a typo of ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ in the first show me image of the ‘Am I eligible for an overdraft?’

  • When you select the show me how images the ‘X’ close and other text and icons are white therefore pretty much invisible. There’s also a black gradient at the bottom, pressuambly for some non-existent caption.

It would be nice to have a date when the help article was last updated/edited/added, too. A rating option of how useful the help was might also be useful but potentially pointless/cumbersome.


Thank you so much for your feedback @Chrisfoulston. You’re right in saying that not all suggestions are targeted. Those specific articles about Coin Jar and PIN have been made “sticky” because there was a large number of users asking about these questions.

However there is content deemed as “higher priority” matches with your user account, then that would be prioritised over those two articles. You can try this by freezing your card and checking the article suggestions again :+1:

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Hey @benjaminlbowles :wave: We’re still running support off of Intercom, though we have built a few operational layers on top of it. You might find this talk by @francisco_araujo on this topic really interesting!

We’d love to build our own chat tool one day, but in the meantime there’s really interesting things we can do that leverage Intercom, without needing to reinvent the wheel. Cost-wise, Intercom represents only a small fraction of the cost to deliver swift human support to hundreds of thousands of users.


I’m sorry about this @SC95, there was a small issue with the search service that was causing this. Thank you so much for your feedback, we have now fixed the issue!

Basically the search service was indexing some really old content still present in a cached version of the content repository. This is why you were seeing an out of date version of “How does bill splitting work” and why some of the buttons had out of date URIs. It’s also why an old test article was surfaced in search.

This is resolved now, with a small chance of some content being re-indexed in the next couple of hours as the platform runs on a distributed architecture :bowing_man:

Similar answer to this :point_down:


This is a very interesting one! The previous version of the help screen had a thumbs up and down :+1: :-1: at the bottom of every article. Through looking at data we discovered that the vast majority of users (>80%) just tapped the back button at the top, which made the rating stats of little use.

In this version of the help screen we’re using conversion rates between reading an article and starting a conversation (among other performance metrics). This allows us to pinpoint the content that users read and that doesn’t solve their questions.

Thanks! It’s now fixed :point_up: :white_check_mark:

Good spot! This is a known bug on some iOS devices, will be fixed soon. To close the full screen image gallery you can also swipe the content up.

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Hey hey! Question for you: is your help site built on Intercom’s Articles, is it a home-grown build, or something else?


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It would be really great if the help articles had a standardised design language/layout. Even if it’s just header styles. It should be super easy to identify what you’re after in a specific topic - and then the follow up for more in-depth information should be logical.


:point_up:That for example could do with some header styles.


:point_up:That’s just overly confusing. ‘Current Account Switch Service’ appears 5 times with 3 headers asking what it is and neither really offering much info.

I really love the approach for example.


We use Intercom for the in-app messenger screen but not anywhere else in the app.

GOV.UK bans the use of Q&A!

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