Viewing payee reference for Direct Debit

I’ve moved all my direct debits into Monzo, and would like to double check that the payee reference being sent to the likes of my mortgage provider is correct.

Is it possible to view both the direct debit sort code and account number, and the reference setup? Or will this be forthcoming in newer versions of the app?


I’ve moved this post to the Ideas category because it looks like this isn’t possible in the iOS app.

It seems like a no brainer though so I’m sure they’ll add it at some point :slight_smile:

The reference is displayed for the transaction when a Standing Order is paid but I know that’s probably not quite what you want / need.

Thanks for the quick reply, Alex, and for moving it to a more appropriate area. I’m on the android app and it’d certainly be helpful for me to have, I’d even say necessary in order to be in full control of my finances.

For example if my local council calls up to ask about where my payments have gone and all I can say is “erm, I see your icon in my phone app but I can’t tell you anything else about it”. Or even worse, my mortgage lender! :slight_smile:

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Direct Debits are set up by the company, so not sure there’s anything you could do to change it. Maybe I’m missing something though?


Yeah, I suppose as long as the first one is set up correctly then it’ll be fine, it’s just slightly less visible than seeing all the From and To information.
So, not a necessity then, more a nicety :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will be included in the upcoming refresh, as it’s actually quite important.

As a work around if a DD has debited you can go into the transaction and scroll to the bottom. There you will see all the details (name, sort code, account number, reference).

It’s the same location you see debit card details for a card transaction.

Absolutely you should be able to get to the same information from the list of direct debits. Hopefully this is coming soon.


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