Direct Deposit PDF

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Many employers or institutions setting up direct deposit mandate a voided check or other formal document from the bank statement indicating:

  • Bank Name
  • Account Holder Name & Address
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number

As Monzo does not have checks, a PDF document would be nice.

The Monzo statement may have this info.

I am in a bit of a catch 22 though, I cannot deposit funds without a statement, and I cannot generate a statement without transactions.

I am sure the CoOps would help me out but it would be great if this was built into the app when the Share Sheet was pulled up.

For now I am using a screenshot from the app :crossed_fingers:

Yes my work also requires a check to initiate direct deposit. But I’ll try this out

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Not sufficient.

As Monzo does not offer any of these I need to get the CoOps to write a letter on Monzo letterhead stating.

Bank Name and Address (Likely Sutton)
My Name and Address
Routing Number
Account Number
Statement the account is in good standing
Conformation the bank accepts incoming ACH transfers.


I notice that “Direct Deposit Form” is moved to live now board. Can anybody see this form in the app??


I just checked, and if it’s there I can’t find it.


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Hi Wikkie,
Of course, we know what a direct deposit form is . My question was where to download this form from Monzo app. Other banks have an option to download the form and send it to your HR team to process the direct deposit of salary.

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Is this only available through chat?

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I am yet to receive a reply to my question to customer support.

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are you serious???
Let me repeat my question: Where do you download Monzo’s Direct Deposit Authorisation Form?

Hey all - we do now have a Direct Deposit form available, you’ll just need to get in touch through in-app chat to request it and we’ll send it over as a pdf attachment. In the future, we do hope to have this available directly from the app so stay tuned for an update on that in the future!