Proof Of Benefit?

Hi guys as you know i am new here so have lots of questions to ask you kind folk.

Basically it works like this.
DWP ( ESA and DLA ) sent to my Advocate then he transfers some to Me

Will i need proof of benefits or anything like that ?


No I wouldn’t think you would need to.

I would highly like to recommend you give the monzo in app chat a shout, run over a few of your questions, they are absolutely amazing!

They might be best direction for these questions, then you can save all your posts on here for being part of the great community :smiley: :smiley:


Nope. They’ve never asked to see mine


Thanks guys and girls :smiley:

I will take your advice Danny and contact the team via app in future.

Everything has now been answered so should be good to go ! I’m known for asking lots of questions but i just like to be friendly and learn more about things.


Hey ask as many as you want! :smiley: I’m sure people will always be very happy to anwser, just thought you might want to get the extra reassurance they can add the boards might not be able to :slight_smile:

You have been friendly, really enjoyed your posts and questions, it’s to see people having an interest in things!


Knowledge is power :muscle:


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