Being on benefits

Due to some health issues I am on benefits until I find work. Is this ok with monzo ?


Hi Venomx,

Monzo is just a bank account and it has no real say in your incomings or outgoings so don’t worry on that score (unless you have and gone into your overdraft of course).

Your health comes first and I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.

If you require any further assistance your best bet would be to speak to one of the COps in the in app chat.


Thanks man
No overdraft involved just money from my advocate who looks after my savings and transfers me spending money each month

You’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Morning. I’m going to answer more generally as I don’t know your circumstances and I doubt you want to discuss it in public :grin:

At the moment summary works on the basis of one large(ish) amount being paid in per month. On some benefits you get a weekly or fortnightly payment which means summary doesn’t work as it’s intended. This will change in the future as it evolves to include other pay schedules.

Monzo have a dedicated Vulnerable Customers team. If your health condition means adaptations would be useful (eg banning gambling transactions, reducing the amount of cash you can use to stop mental health overspending etc) then you can ask in app to speak to them.

Here’s a blog that may or may not be useful


Thanks for the in-depth answer.
Im fairly conservative with my money and only spend it when i need to, as long as i can see my transactions as and when they happen then im happy.


One last question.
If my money comes in every month on the 28Th, will summary work ? OR should i request it comes in on the 1st ?

Yeah, you can set the specific date by choosing the income you want your summary month to start from.


Awesome :smiley: thanks

How do i do this ? My income will be coming in on the 1st every month

Summary > This Month > Change date?


Nice one thanks.

Thanks, so far im really impressed. I have been using to transfer little bits of money to my Monzo account to buy small things from shops etc.

Hopefully next month and furthermore my benefit will be getting paid into my Monzo account on the 1st each month. So i Just wanted to check that my advocate will be able to transfer money to my Monzo as its so new on the scene. I’ve spoke to him about Monzo and he recommends it.



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