Proof of address

(Anthony) #1

As a bank you’re useful for providing a proof address to companies and creditors. With you being a tech bank I think most people will be paperless even if you offered paper statements.
I wonder if there is an opportunity to provide a digital proof of address service where a company could connect to your API and then a push notification is sent to the Mondo app for the user to accept the request to verify Identity and address.
Or if you provided PDF statements which are digitally signed by your certificate with the user’s address added.

(George) #2

This area needs some serious disruption. The first thing always asked when creating a bank account or similar is household bill and previous bank statement, sometimes required to be posted to my address. Doesn’t work so well for paperless customers!

(Anthony) #3

I agree! It was recently very annoying for me trying to buy a car where I had to pay for my bank to send me a paper statement of a past statement because I was paperless.
I was hoping this idea might get more notice, I’m sure this must impact more people