Monzo statement rejected as proof of ID/Address

My daughter recently applied to The Share Centre to take over the management of her child trust fund now that she is 18.

She got a letter from the share centre rejecting her Monzo bank statement as a vaild ‘origonal’ bank statement, saying they could only accept a copy if was stamped by the branch.

Can’t believe this sort of issue is still going in in 2021, and she has no other bank statements she can use…


You can request stamped statements if you message Monzo in app :slight_smile:

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A bank statement isn’t ever really proof of address, because the only proof they might have of you living there is that you had a card delivered there and you then activated that card. Of course that means you could sign up at a friends address and get them to give you the card, or do what I did with Lovefilm (many years ago!) and create lots of flats at my house for free subscriptions, so Dan Ansell lived at Flat A, Dan Browning at Flat B… etc!

(There are some other ways to verify an address, but we don’t do them for all customers because they aren’t all appropriate and/or successful)

However, as explained above you can send us a message in the app and we can arrange for a signed and stamped statement to be posted out!


This both for the replies, my daughter has mad a request in the app :+1:

Good to know. Is there a fee? R-

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I’m assuming these are the same as the ‘certified’ statements in the Starling app, which you can generate by just selecting certified as opposed to standard when viewing your statements - no need to contact chat. It’d be handy if Monzo did the same, removing the need to contact customer support for this.

The stamp (redacted to remove code):

Absolute genius, Dan :clap:


Free of charge to the customer (but an extra cost to us!)


Is it on posh paper?


My Uber eats addicted brother back in England is going to love you!

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It depends on whether they implement post office database checks or not… :wink:


I’ve never actually had one, so it could be printed on gold leaf for all I know!


I hope you put lots of glitter in the envelopes at the very least :grin:


Monzo branded envelopes?

Order a statement, get a glitterbomb? :astonished:


Could be a boomf competitor -

Least it should be this when you get your card

Hi. How did this go? The request made in-app, I mean…