Downloaded monzo bank statement as proof of address


Please I lost my BRP and bank statement is required as proof of address for replacement by home office.

Please I need to know if downloaded statement will be accepted by UK home office? I need urgent help on how to go about this because MONZO is the only bank account that I have currently.

This is something you need to ask them.

If you speak to Monzo using the chat function. Search “contact” if you can’t find it, then they will post you printed statements.

I sent them email but they haven’t responded for the past 3 days.

Send them an in app chat

I just sent them a chat and waiting for their response

Did Monzo address proof work?

I would imagine they wouldn’t accept it. A regular paper bank statement that’s been sent in the post helps prove your address because you’ve generally got to live there to have received it.

I could change my address in the monzo app to Buckingham palace and then generate a pdf statement. Proves nowt.


I’ve used Monzo statements as a POA to open savings accounts with Investec and with letting agents. For a mortgage I wouldn’t expect to be able to use it, think it all depends on circumstances

The problem is some PDF statements are accepted, some say they don’t accept them when they actually do (because you cannot tell the difference between them) and others don’t. It’s a lottery, and you just need to find out what works.

The funny one is where they don’t but do if you print off the PDF statement, scan the print and send that scanned copy of the print from the PDF. :man_shrugging:

On topic with Monzo, I believe some have stated you need a stamped Monzo statement for the Home Office but I could be wrong.

I’ve recently got a mortgage with my Monzo account as my sole bank account. The lender were more than happy with the PDF statements.

I also use Monzo Business and have sent HMRC and other official organisations PDF statements from my business account as various proofs and it hasn’t been an issue.
It certainly used to be an issue in the earlier days of Monzo but in the past 12-18 months I’ve had no problems at all.

You can easily tell the difference between a posted statement and a PDF. A posted statement is printed on both sides of the paper, whereas a PDF printed at home is normally only printed on one side. The paper size and quality might give it away too.

Fair play!

Again, some do accept a PDF statement when their customer support states they don’t. Especially if it is scanned and sent in.

A number of banks have two sided PDF statements and you can easily double side a print, even on a single sided printer.

Paper quality can easily be solved by getting better quality paper.

Therefore my point still stands.

Did it work as address proof for BRP?