Historic Statements have new address on - not address at time of statement

(Anthony) #1

I have to provide historic evidence of residence via Bank Statements.

Unfortunately, printing of historic Monzo bank statements has the latest Address.

The Statement should have the address at the time of the statement.

This is a big problem for me.


(Andrew Ross) #2

I suggest you contact the the in-app COPS and see if they are able to help you re this. Agree that statements should be addressed for the time the transactions took place.

(MikeF) #3

I think this all depends how and when the statements are generated because the address should probably relate to that time.

If they were generated as time goes by and stored somewhere then I’d expect the address to reflect whatever was appropriate at the time in question. If they’re generated on request (I.e. now) which is what I suspect happens then I’d expect them to reflect current address details.

Clearly, I suspect they are generated on request rather than made and stored at some point in the past.

As already stated, asking COps is all you can do. I’ll be interested to know what answer you get.

(Matt Jones) #4

Having recently been through a painful Visa renewal process with my SO who is non-UK/EU citizen then this is quite key to get right - I needed to provide letters from my legacy bank(s) attesting my previous 12 months of bank statements as accurate including correct address history etc. I would be interested in the response on this also. Thanks


This was the same with my previous banks, if I requested copy statements they had the current address on. Pretty standard practice I believe.

(Andy) #6

Yeah many banks will do this. Bank account statements were never intended to be documents for proof of address or any sort of proof document. They just sort of happened over the years. In my last work we redesigned the statements with no address but ended up having to put it in even though there’s no legal requirement to

(Andre Borie) #7

Just because with how legacy banks work, the statement file is actually generated (as a PDF) at the end of the month. With Monzo they’re only ever generated on-demand, so extra work is needed to actually fetch the address for the requested statement period, instead of always pulling the latest one.

(Matt Jones) #8

I agree that there may not be a legal requirement but this is something really useful to solve for when you see how hard it is for Visa applications and the like to prove your dates of residency in an old/new address. Particularly as it’s best to you get such government documents absolutely water tight, as if you are declined it may be for the smallest reason, such as documents not matching with the address and the same date range etc.


While inconvenient, couldn’t you just change the address to your old address, print the statement and then change it back?


I’ve always noted old details in official statements, and I would expect statements to be generated and stored at the end of the period they cover. I can understand why this isn’t the case with on-demand generation, but then I’m curious as to the regulations around this.

Perhaps incorrectly, but I believe statements are supposed to be snapshots in time that cannot be changed or updated. That’s not to say I expect any bank to be generating and storing millions of PDF files, but I would expect a statement to be generated and stored in a fixed point in time, rather than doing a live query on account transactions and generating it based on this. What if something had changed with a transaction and you need evidence of the original event?

(Jack) #11

When trying to get security clearance for work i had to give statements as the company i had sub contracted for had gone bust and i needed to prove where my income had been coming from, if my statements had had a different address on them than what i had claimed on my address history im not sure what they would say

(Andre Borie) #12

Seems like there are no regulations as far as address display is concerned.

What if something had changed with a transaction and you need evidence of the original event?

If settled transactions were changing in Monzo’s DB I would have much bigger things to worry about than incorrect statements IMO.

(Tony Hoyle) #13

Apparently that’s exactly what a lot of them actually do…


It appears to be what Amex do as they want you to request online statements that are older than 6 months so they can load them up

(Anthony) #15

All solved. Via chat in the app i have now been sent the appropriate statements with the correct address - ie my address at time of statement.

Further the Monzo guy said they will look at fixing the bug.