Monzo card can use as an official proof of address?

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As a Monzo card user. Can i use my card and account for ask a statement and use it as a valid proof of adress?

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If the company says it will accept bank a statement as proof of address then yes as Monzo is a bank not just a card.


You can download a statement ready to print from within the account settings in the app :slight_smile:

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Or you can ask in the app and you get one with a stamp on it

(I’m slightly obsessed with the stamp)

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As Monzo is a Bank, you should be able to use your statement as a proof of address.
If you an Android user, go to “Account” >> “Settings (symbol)” >> “Statement History” (forgot what it was on iOS).

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How i do for ask an statemente with the stamp? :smile:

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I think it’s if you need it for official things like mortgage etc and they don’t like printed out ones, it’s not just because you want to see the stamp :sob:

Ask in the in-app help thingy and they’ll send you one if required

(Glad it’s not just me with the stamp obsession :smile_cat:)

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