Can I use a Monzo statement or account opening confirmation letter as proof of address for my DBS?

Hi everybody,
I just cannot seem to find this information anywhere else so I am going to ask you.
I am moving to London (EU citizen) next week; I am staying at a friend’s place for the first weeks while I am looking for an accomodation, then move out as soon as I find one.
Unfortunately I am required to start an enhanced DBS check within August. I looked into that and realized I will have some troubles, as to start a DBS check you are required to provide a proof of address (which I currently do not have obviously).

Among the accepted documents, I have been told that ‘Bank or building society statement’ or ‘Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter’ are the easiest to get; however, I am afraid that what is implied here is that said letters should come from physical banks.
Here comes my question: can a statement or account opening confirmation letter from Monzo be accepted as a valid proof of address? Has anyone ever had any experience with something similar?

Thank you for your help

You can ask Monzo for a printed/stamped copy and they’ll post it to you.

I believe Monzo can generate official letters or statements with stamps if you ask them in app.

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Monzo is a fully licensed bank so I don’t see why it wouldn’t count.

Sorry for the dumb question, but is Monzo considered a full-fledged bank?
I just assumed it fell somewhere in a grey area, and that that was the reason why it was not strictly required to check the address of its clients as other physical banks do.

Sorry but I am not familiar with the UK banking system so I might have misunderstood the whole situation.

It is a fully-fledged bank at this point. They got their banking license sometime in 2017; before that they were an e-money institution.

The requirements on all banks are the same. The fact that some banks decide to do more than others can help us draw our own conclusions about their abilities.

Hey there,
Quick question because I am in exactly the same situation:
Did it work? Did Monzo provide? the letter?
Thanks a lot

It’s very likely that the OP will never post again.

But if you search in the app for “contact” then you’ll be able to talk to someone and they will post you an official statement.

I talked to the customer service through the chat and they sent me a pdf that I later printed (they didn’t post it). It was accepted as a proof of address for my DBS.


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