ID and address verification

So I know from opening account that Monzo do video check and ID but they do not request proof of address, is this because they get it from electoral register/credit check?

Being able to receive your card proves the address (which is actually a very good proof that can’t be photoshopped as opposed to utility bills).


you say this because when we get card we have to scan it correct?

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Yep you have to activate your card by typing in it’s number, which proves that you did indeed receive the card.

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You will have a soft check on your credit report as part of Id verification

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I don’t think it checks the address though.

surly a credit check would pull address? or would they use electoral roll?

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How do they match the user to the report unless the address matches?

Electoral roll is listed on the report as well

No I mean I don’t think they care about the address in the credit check result, as I was able to change my address on a brand new one (not on any credit bureau yet) and they didn’t ask for proof either.

Presumably they don’t - if the provided info doesn’t pull anything from the credit bureaus they would consider it a brand new account for someone with no credit history (someone recently arrived in the UK?).

If they can’t find a record they might instead ask for more ID though.

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