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I’m not sure if this has been discussed before but do we have a promotional video? i.e. something glitzy that really shows what Monzo is about and how it all works.

I’ve a few friends/colleagues on Monzo but I find it difficult to capture other non-techies interest.

I think a video similar to Apple or Google’s style, for example I think Google Pixel phone advert is brilliant :heart_eyes:

Any thoughts on this guys and gals?

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There are some on the Facebook page
Couldn’t find a youtube or vimeo page though

Yeah their YouTube and Vimeo pages haven’t seen new content in almost a year, and both haven’t had much traction when looking at video view counts.

I didn’t even know we had a YouTube channel… Guess that says it all lol.


I think this is really a huge wasted opportunity, and I really think there is a massive piece that Monzo could and should be doing around financial education. @tom said that “the bank of the future will be a marketplace”; this is all well and good, and I completely agree. But what I think is absolutely vital is that people know and understand what different financial services are, how they work, and what they can be used for. I feel at the moment, even the term ‘financial services’ is, to most people, scary and inaccessible - I imagine in no small part due to the bureaucracy of the legacy banks with which they are associated.

This education aspect will be vital if Monzo is to get customers to actually take advantage of the marketplace that it will offer, as well as convincing people to switch to Monzo in the first place. TransferWise have done some really good, albeit, errrm, different, work on this, and I really think it’s something Monzo can build upon.

Yes, I think you’re right Peter and there are definitely things that we can be doing in this space.

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I remember seeing a video before of a girl buying a coffee and showing her phone to the camera. As the payment is processed, the notification comes in instantly right in front of the camera. I can’t remember where I had seen it, but it was way before I got my card and as a non-monzonaught who didn’t know too well how this worked, I have to say it did impress me.

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I did find this, but it’s Mondo branded, not Monzo.


I certainly agree we have a responsibility to educate our users. However I’m not sure video always communicates who we are and what we do clearly enough, given the short window of attention we are afforded by those who are new to Monzo (< 30 seconds). Valuable messaging is often more effective to communicate/surmise in writing or in person (via blog posts or Q+A sessions at events for example). I hope you’ll have noticed the beginnings of us making more effort to utilise these mediums to inform and advise :slightly_smiling_face: There will be plenty more.

Videos which have performed particularly well in the past are those which focus on demonstrating a specific feature in action (the instant notification video was one of these). It’s a formula we’re looking to continue. It would also be nice to create some short videos which show the non tangible but equally important aspects of the Monzo brand identity. The bottom line is that we need to make sure we maximise the visibility of new video content and push it via the right channels. Too often they get lost amongst lots of noise which where we’ve fallen short previously I think. They need a proper home!

With regards to Youtube more specifically, I think it would be a great opportunity to establish our page as platform for user generated content. Nothing tells the story of a product or service better than seeing it in a human context. It would be a bit of work to set a top line brief which would yield a consistently high level of varied content, but could look great in the longer term. What are your thoughts?


Hi @Naji,

What you have said makes sense and I look forward to seeing more of the exciting things you have planned in this space :smile:

Thanks for you taking the time to reply :relaxed:

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only when features are available in both iOS and Android or else you piss off half your potential and existing customers

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