From what I understand Monzo doesn’t really advertise as such currently. It mostly relies on word of mouth which has been fantastic so far and way more natural.
Do they have any plans to advertise in the near future now that the prepaid is out of the way? (well it will be on Wednesday).

Word of mouth seems to work so well there’s even a waiting list. I would be against advertising but in any case I doubt they’d do it now even if they wanted to - at least wait until the waiting list is clear and they are able to fulfill card orders right away.


That’s a fair statement, as long as the waiting list isn’t artificially created so to speak I see no need you’re right.
if Monzo are happy with the number of customers on boarding each day than thats good. Too many and it’s hard to manage.

We’re happy with organic growth right now.


We’ll likely do some advertising again in the future but purely from a cost standpoint, the Golden Tickets cost very little and have done really well for us. :ticket: :eyes:


If you’ve got a product that people love you don’t need advertising. :wink:

I’ve always seen advertising as something like “we know nobody needs/cares about our product so let’s pay someone to put our stuff in front of users in hopes they accidentally click on it”. There are exceptions (at the beginning you might need a bit of advertising just to get the word out there) but in most cases it’s true; I have personally never bought anything advertised to me, and I explicitly avoid any “sponsored” links on Google or similar.

I’m also skeptical as to whether ads work at all (as in, besides accidental clicks), most people nowadays are either flooded by them (the signal to noise ratio is very bad) or block them outright (mostly as a consequence of the former).


Advertising done right works well, it takes many different forms

If I see an eye catching ad I will google it and then if it’s something I want later down the line I tend to remember it.

Don’t think Monzo are at a stage they need to advertise yet but if there’s stagnation later on it might be necessary

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an eye catching ad

How often does that happen though? The ad market is flooded with garbage so the signal to noise ratio is very bad; for one good ad there will be thousands of bad ones.

I actually tend to prefer print advertising for this reason, as the ads there are more or less vetted while it’s kinda the Wild West on the web & social media.


Never pay attention on social media or the internet but maybe once a week i’ll see something in print or tv. Saw a habito ad on telly last night and looked them up mainly because I’d seen them mentioned here to be honest. But it did catch my eye and I wanted to know more


I remember seeing a screenshot of a Starling ad at some point; while I already know Starling and I know it’s a good product, I would’ve ignored the ad (if it wasn’t already blocked by my uBlock Origin that is) just like I would ignore an ad from any other bank - as far as I was concerned their ad would’ve had the opposite effect and would’ve put me off the brand as I would dismiss them just like any other bank.

If Monzo does want to advertise I they should try something innovative instead of the usual boring spammy stuff.

This :clap:

If a product or brand pushes TV/online ads, it’s a turn-off. Radio ads depend on how it blends with the music of the station it’s on.

The last campaign that really impressed was “This Girl Can” - no products or services.

It depends on the person. For me the TV ads have impact but the radio ads are just background noise like lift musik or shopping mall musak.


I didn’t see the point of that campaign :woman_shrugging:

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Bit like BBC Sport’s ‘get inspired’ - the site links to all sorts of exercise options local to the viewer

And always says ‘there are no activities near you’ :thinking:


Hey all,

Monzo currently makes a loss on each customer (which, by the way, is to be expected at this stage). If we grow too quickly, these costs could get out of control.

We’ve seen huge improvements recently, but there’s still some way to go.

Once we sort this out, I imagine we will be focused on both organic and paid growth to spread the word as widely as possible.



Curious to know what kinds of banking activities make a profit. Know using ATM and debit card top ups cost Monzo but what makes you money?

Lending (overdrafts) and Marketplace at the moment. We also get a very small amount every time you use your debit card to make a purchase.

In the future, we might look at providing other services that our customers want too.