Introducing the Monzo Business Card... Again! 💳

Hey everyone! :wave:

Two updates for you today!

Firstly: We’ve just received our first physical card for the business account, and so we wanted to show you immediately, of course :raised_hands:

The colour is “Pebble Grey”. It’ll be ready for when we can offer more accounts soon, and available to our first 100 businesses within the next month or so.

Secondly: We’ve opened up a community on Facebook! We just posted a video of the card there, so head over and have a look :wink:

Let us know what you think!


“You must log in first” :pensive:

Any chance of changing the settings - or even better reposting directly on here, please?

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Dont know if this will work but…

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Afraid not :cry:

Here you go:

Shaky hands there @jackcully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@JBirdV1 Thanks for this! I’ve just edited the original post so it’s included there now too :sweat_smile:

On my shaky hands… With great cards come great responsibility, I was nervous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can’t wait to make my wallet #FullMonzo

Got my Lagoon Blue personal and my Hot Coral joint waiting for that Pebble Grey wonder

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Are the numbers going to be metallic silver or follow the white like other monzo cards?

Wrong reply @Jackcrwhitney, I have no idea :joy:

They’re metallic silver, rather than white :+1:

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Off topic, but I won’t be joining the Facebook group (and I’m one of the first 100). I’m closing my account, and I’m also not convinced Facebook is the right place for “business”.


@tomsr that’s totally fair!

We’re just trying the Facebook community out - the reason we opened a Facebook community in the first place was that we were hearing from lots of businesses that this is where they do lots of their work already, and liked the idea of having a community of Monzo businesses there too. But we’ll always be here as well :blush:

If the vid here isn’t playing for anyone else also, here’s another link


Do people still use Facebook? :rofl:

This is what we non Facebook people see.

Got the video working directly on Twitter. It’s ok, like the spot UV but it doesn’t look professional to me as Starlings. Have a black option and sold.


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So few people named Samplovsky nowadays. I wonder why it fell out of favour…? :thinking: :wink:


Hmm, personally I think Monzo are missing a trick moving away from Hot Coral cards. It is always a big discussion point whenever I’ve used my cards.

I know you’ve got folks looking into this sort of thing, so what’s the reasoning behind the switch?


I’ve always thought this too. I get the need to differentiate between account types, but Hot Coral was the brand, for me.

The Plus ones - and now this business one - just blend in with everything else.

Hi @Fishd :wave: lots of the feedback we got from our initial 100 users was that it was difficult to figure out which card was which at a glance. so, we decided to move away from a full hot coral card for business so that it was easier to distinguish between your cards. :slight_smile:

It still has a hot coral core, though! :hot_coral_heart: and the card looks amazing in person :heart_eyes:


Hey Jordan. Are these now available to the first 100?


Hey @tomsr :wave:

They are, soon! We’ve just got to finalise a few things on our end, but we’ll let business users with a Hot Coral card know when they can replace their card for a Pebble Grey one as soon as it’s possible :ok_hand: