How about community marketing

(Max Walker) #1

So I’m a bit fed up with hearing about international fees which I realistically don’t use often anyway so thought i’d do something productive.

So what’s the best thing about monzo apart from its awesome features… its community.

I thought the design a t-shirt competition was great and more like this should be done, my idea would be some kind of photo or video montage where people take a photo with them holding up a sign or record a couple of seconds saying their favourite things about monzo, importantly it should be obviously community-fed clips because it feels more authentic if its all kind of resolutions and locations.

Then perhaps stick it together with a branded intro something like “we thought it would be best if our users told you why they like us”. For me, the most persuasive marketing efforts are different and feature real people with real views rather than actors.

Feel free to pitch in

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This sounds like a more human version of Monzo Love Tweets - great idea! :slight_smile: