Profile Photo Not Showing

Issue: When going into the home section of Monzo, my profile picture won’t show. On all other parts of the app such as the top left of the screen or when viewing settings the profile photo comes up fine, only in the hub section.

Details to reproduce: When at the card balance page click the profile photo in the top left corner.
OS: iOS 13.6
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: 3.41.1


First thing to try is usually deleting & reinstalling the app.

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Hi there, thanks for the response. I just did as you suggested and the issue is still unchanged

It’s a cache thing I think, clear it in the settings and it should appear.

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Hi, thanks for the help. How would I go about doing that?

On that view my profile photo doesn’t show either, but it does show when viewing the transaction feed in the top left.

I see! It’s never done in earlier releases I believe.

Hi there, just a follow up. I found out how to clear the cache of the app, to no avail.

I have never had a profile picture on that screen…ever. Strange

Oh I see. I’ve attached a couple of images where a profile photo has been applied. Even when viewing Monzo on the App Store the template images show a profile photo.