✅ [Android] Old profile picture displayed on payment confirmation view


While making a payment, on the view containing the “Complete Payment” button, the user’s originally selected profile picture is displayed instead of the current one.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Install Monzo.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Login.
  4. Set a profile picture.
  5. Close and reopen the app (this step may be unnecessary).
  6. Change the profile picture.
  7. Go to Payments.
  8. Select a contact on Monzo, or a recent recipient of a bank transfer.
  9. Type an amount.
  10. Tap Next.

Result: the original profile picture from step 4 is displayed instead of the new one specified in step 6.
Work around: Each time the user wants to update their profile picture and have it applied everywhere, they need to uninstall the Monzo app and repeat steps 1 to 4.

OS: OxygenOS 9.0.2 (Android 9)
Device: OnePlus 6 (ONEPLUS A6003)
App Version: 2.26.1

(Sensitive information removed)



(Kolok) #2

Not sure if similar, but when one of my friends join Monzo I need to uninstall/clear data to see their number in contacts.


Not quite the same issue, no.

(David Walton) #4

I’m experiencing a similar issue with my Joint Account. I’ve set a new profile picture in my personal Current Account and also have the same (new) image in my Joint Account when I look at my ‘Profile’ settings in the JA ‘Account’ tab. But when I go into my Joint Account ‘Account’ tab, the older profile picture is shown and I cannot figure out how to change this?


It might be an indication that this misbehaviour has the same cause as my issue if you can reproduce the problem after uninstalling the Monzo app and then reinstalling.

(David Walton) #6

I uninstalled and reinstalled and the issue was rectified (same profile pic now displayed for both Current & Joint accounts), so it must have been a local cache-type issue which cleared when reinstalling.

If you can also fix the problem after un/reinstalling, maybe the same local cache-type issue is at the heart of the bug?


Yip. Seems like that is the case.