Profile pictures for non Monzo users?


I wonder if it might be possible in the future to add profile pictures to people who aren’t Monzo users, but you’ve either received money from them or sent them money?

At the moment it’s just initials and doesn’t look as nice!



I think they it uses the photo in contacts so try setting it there. For iOS at least.

Ah yeah, I have that all done. I think it’s because it’s coming from their bank (so sort code and account number) rather than their mobile number which is why it doesn’t put the two together.

It would be good to have the ability to add their contact picture for it to remember in the future.

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I would like to see this!

Oddly enough this is something I have put across in the in app chat once when I was sorting out an issue I found this will help with the aesthetics of the app a lot also it would help you to know who you’re sending to or receiving from.

Good shout hopefully this is implemented in due time.

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