Profile picture help

hello , I have changed my profile picture on my account but i look at the accounts i have available ,y sole and joint account it shows my previous picture , not a massive issue but myself and wife have the same picture which is why i changed mine so if someone could help would be useful

Looks like this has been reported as a bug here…

I have just tried a reinstall and it does then change.

[Android] I had a similar issue when changing my profile pic - the pic changed in my personal account but remained the same in my joint account. I had to force close, clear cache & storage and then uninstall and re-install the Monzo app to fix it. I put it down to some local data hanging around and not being cleared properly.

Since then, I’ve updated the app many times though - it may have been fixed since.

Saying that, I’ve just tried again and it’s gone straight through. Although the first time I had to reinstall :thinking:

so what do i need to do to sort it ??

Reinstalling the app worked for me…